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  diet_otaku  |  0

or management didn't understand the job. or they just pulled an excuse out of their ass. i got fired once from a job in which i was to give one-on-one aptitude tests, which determine what careers one is best suited for. they fired me for not talking to the customers while they're taking their tests, and not "fitting in" with the office staff, neither of which was in the job description. not to mention the former doesn't even make sense. what kind of idiot carries on a conversation while someone is taking a test, especially one that will determine the career they spend the rest of their lives in?

EDIT: hey you edited your comment. D:

  ottospielen  |  0

It actually wasn't that elaborate. It was pretty simple, to be honest. They had to get rid of the guy, and the person who got put in charge of firing the OP had to make up an excuse. I don't see what part of this you think is elaborate...

  GRgoldfish  |  19

its not. its called wrongful termination, if you still want that job can sue them to either pay you out or hire you back only if they fired you without a good reason and I would like to say that that was not a good reason. personally, I would just move on and get a new job. best of luck op.

  Xader  |  0

I see that the OP is Canadian, so this may or may not apply. I don't know Canadian employment laws

In the US, unless he was under contract, he would be an "at will" employee, meaning he could quit or be fired for any reason or no reason at all. The only general exception is that you cant be fired for race, gender, religion, nationality, age, disability (sexual orientation in some places) without violating anti-discrimination laws.