By McFired - United States
Today, I got fired from my job for harassing customers over the weekend. I didn't work over the weekend. I left my nametag there on Friday and my co-workers thought it would be funny to wear my nametag all weekend. One of them got into a fight with a customer and they took her 'name' down. FML
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By  uh_oh  |  0

Not sure if I believe this... Seems like it would be pretty easy to prove that you didn't work over the weekend. Were they paying you for those days you didn't work? Hahaha

By  AlyshaDeShae  |  10

Yeah, I highly doubt that would be the reason you were fired. If you don't work on weekends, obviously your boss would know that. Also, it's extremely unlikely that an employee got in a fight with a customer and the manager wasn't summoned almost immediately.