By kitkat - 17/09/2014 19:48 - United States

Today, I got dumped by my boyfriend. He said it was because he lived 2 hours away, but I think the ultrasound photos his other girlfriend posted proudly on his Facebook wall are the real reason. FML
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Meh you're better off without him. Good luck!

Be proud those aren't your ultrasounds. You definitely wouldn't want to have kids with that asshole.


Meh you're better off without him. Good luck!

simplysarcastics 26

Ol' cheating ass LOL. Seriously though how much of a bitch can her ex bf be, I know it hurts but I'm happy you dodged that bullet.

Op should be happy that she didn't get knocked up like the other one. Imagine having a permanent tether to that asshole.

You don't deserve someone like that! You can do better ❤️

Jessj958 19

Agreed! He doesn't deserve you at all!

trellz17 19

Maybe both? Who wants to drive 2 hours to see someone who you have a baby at home to take care of? Makes it pretty hard to hide that lie.

Your name must translate to "trollz"

trellz17 19

I'm gonna go hide in a corner now.

Haha I'm guessing you reread the fml?

trellz17 19

I actually read my comment again and saw how messed up it was. It sounded less cruel in my head lol. And I noticed that I placed the wrong word in one of the sentences.

I drive an hour and a half to see my girl, but she's also moving in with me in a couple months when she finishes college.

Be glad he dumped you then

Yeah, OP is lucky to be able to get out of a relationship with a shitty cheater.

Be proud those aren't your ultrasounds. You definitely wouldn't want to have kids with that asshole.

No one wants to have kids with a figurative or a literal asshole. Either way it's pain city.

haha, there goes all of his money

You don't need him. Find someone that deserves you!

FHL. She's having his baby. she'll forever be tied to that asshole. You're free.

If I were OP, I would tell the pregnant girlfriend. She needs to know as well. If she doesn't believe it, have the proof (text messages, Facebook messages, pictures, etc.). If she knew all along, then let a bitch be with a douche.

F*** the other girls life.

skittyskatbrat 19

The other girl is PROUD of not being careful to prevent this and dated someone who also wasn't big on prevention. The other FYL goes to the kid :(

atrandom 11

Prevention doesn't always work. She could have gotten pregnant on birth control and/or using condoms.

TomeDr 24

You dodged a bullet, Hun. Rejoice!