By auraya1985 - 12/09/2015 21:34 - United Kingdom

Today, I got called into the school by my daughter's teacher. Apparently my daughter informed her class that over the weekend she spent her time with her daddy watching porn stars while her mummy was at work. It took a long time to convince her they were actually watching a TV show called "Pawn Stars". FML
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The teacher sounds slow. She could have asked your daughter to elaborate and using context clues, she would figure out what your daughter actually watched. As cart that is is the person you have to trust to educate your child.

No one said anything about doing that in front if the class. She could have pulled the child to the side and asked her to explain herself a little further. It would take half a second to figure out what she really meant.


Hahaha! When I moved to England, my host family and I talked about TV series we liked and one of the first things they said was "porn stars" and I was just sitting there, in the car, regretting ever even getting on the plane that morning. Until the father saw my face and spelled out the name of the show for me.

i had the same thing happen to me with a restaurant and a clothing store

Check the point is there a show called porn stars? Come on

Based on the FML the child didn't specify that it was a TV show.

Oh yeah, that episode where Chumlee went wild.

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pawn star : That's definitely a FML, but let me call my buddy who's an expert in FML'S so I can see what I'm dealing with.

Well pawn and porn sounds awfully similar, but still that's awkward. Never heard of the show pawn star though

It's a British TV show about antiques, finding out how much they're worth and selling them.It's quite good, as far as antique shows go...I watched an episode where a woman sold the most ugliest necklace I ever seen, for £18,500!!

You sure you're not thinking about Antiques Roadshow?

No they mean what they say. It's a spin off of the American show Pawn Stars. In the UK it follows what's going on at Regal Pawn Shop. In America it follows the goings on at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. It is less about antiques specifically and more just about appraising the value of things and deciding whether people are asking a good price for things, if it would sell in the Pawn Shop itself, and the Pawn Shops ultimate decision whether to buy the object or not. A few of the items are Antiques but many of them are just interesting or expensive by their own nature such as when they buy the occasional Jet Ski or Off Road Vehicle.

You're not missing anything. As far as modern reality TV shows go it's at least better than the crap they show on MTV, but it's still boring.

I too came to know that such a show exists after reading the fml

I was once in a situation where my mother found my friends receipt laying around after he was staying with us, after some dickhead room mates stole his things for drug money. The Receipt was Saying what looked like "Happy hookers" I thought "Okay faded receipt and it be best to ask him myself" Cause my mum was freaking out, And to keep the peace... And he corrected me on the name saying it was "Happy hockers" As he calmly said "Yeah it was a Porn shop" As in Pawn... Not Porn. He was getting his stolen stuff back. Man did my mum laugh when I explained. xD

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"Let me call in an expert on children's pronunciation"

I'll be honest, when History was advertising Pawn Stars UK, I thought they were saying Porn Stars too.

that's because European accents don't enunciate their R's nearly as much as the western half of the U.S. where almost everyone who's lived in the area has no distinguishable accent unless they came from somewhere else.

haah! i knew that shows name would be good for a laugh somewhere. good show.