By love_today - 30/05/2010 02:36 - Canada

Today, I got called a f***ing b**ch by one of my students. I teach kindergarten. FML
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leadrunner751 3

Eminem Jr.?

That kid needs discipline.


lol what a funny kid

yes, funny kid. maybe. depends on the parents.

I absolutely love this.

thatguy888 0

you probly are a fucking bitch

if you're gonna reply to me, actual reply to me :P most of yous just wanna be on top the page.

brycereid 0

"yous" is not a word

he probably called you that cause you didn't give him a cookie fucking bitch

brycereid 0

haha good job, your now as smart as the kindergartener that cussed out the teacher :)

asiansftw 0

aw don't kids say the darndest things? (: damn anti flood.

brycereid 0

haha I'm glad your not one of the dumbasses on here that get offended by sarcasm.

TaylorTotsYumm 10

Time to get out the belt.

TheBreaKer_fml 0

ydi frenchie, quebec sucks

hahah and i'm glad you corrected me on my mispelling. lolz & @asiansftw i thought the same thing :P

Kenny8987 0

Hahaha probably you are a fucking bitch YDI

Tikwichka 5

#19, actually, 'yous' is a word, it is plural for you.

brycereid 0

36 that would be you's not yous, which is still not proper

#36 my english teacher always said it wasn't a word. oh well :P

brycereid 0

39- thanks for helping prove my point, it's almost like ghetto slang.

Tikwichka 5

Have a look in the dictionary, or

brycereid 0

41- just because it was in a dictionary doesn't mean it's proper English, besides it's like saying "I want to ax you a question" ax is a word, however not used correctly. hehe ghetto slang ^^

Tikwichka 5

#41, that sounds more like a mispronounciation.

yeah, this actually happens pretty often, I know quite a few people that work with/teach kids that age, one kids parents slip up and all of a sudden the whole class is "fucking bitches" :p

brycereid 0

46- you failed yourself

IchbinSyn 0

That sounds like a funny kid

Tikwichka 5

I failed myself? How?

by saying yous is a word :)

brycereid 0

53 FTW

Tikwichka 5

But it is! Slang words are still considered words. Have you ever studied linguistics? Slang terms are considered part of a dialect; standard English itself is a dialect. There is nothing incorrect or deficient about it. Read Chomsky or Pinker and you will see what I mean.

Theatregeek788 0

BAHAHAHA!!! thats hilarious lol but kids kno too much these dayz :-P

36 you is singular and plural

Tikwichka 5

#66, yes! It is a kiddie costume of a Dalek I found in a shop. They didn't do adult sizes :-(

you definitely deserve it, kids don't cuss people out for no reason

Tikwichka 5

^ <3

you shouldn't have taken away my crayons, fucking bitch!

Technically, 'ghetto' refers to a part of a city that jews are restricted to :P

Tik, I thought the slang yous was usually spelled out youse? That's what I tend to see when a fictional character is from Baltimore, Philly, Jersey etc., but perhaps it's simply an America/Scotland inconsistency. I've always wondered about how we spell it, since yous makes more sense.

Also, this is why I prefer y'all, if slang must be used at all. Everyone knows the correct plural of y'all is ALL y'all ;)

Raider889 0

you are a dumb bitch

skitzoyd 0

tikwichka: ur cool lol.

Brooklyn12810 0

Okay, seriously 32, get a life. OP doesn't deserve it because of where they live.

shut up little chinese fucker

asd10 0

have u ever been to Quebec? if u haven't u can't say it sucks. I live in montreal,Quebec and it's actually a beautiful place and there is a crazy night life

Notjustanother1 0

you should of acted the childs age by responding " l know you are but what am I ? " and since you can't bitch slap him or her grab their hand and make them hit themselves and proceed to say " why , you hitting yourself , why you hitting yourself !"

1221jamw 11

45 not to be racist at all but it's black slang.

skitzoyd 0

sometimes it's useful dickhead. y dnt u back the fuck up? I didn't ask for your fucking bullshit opinion. how's that for honesty, asshole.

I know, the kid is funny :]

you're * nice one!! ;)

mazz0014 0


skitzoyd 0


that would be "you", dumbass its singular and plural

skitzoyd 0

that Canadian alex dude has some spelling isssssssues lol

ya um.... my son has issues at 6. he hasn't said quite those words yet.... but I get what op saying.

just want to say something about the "yous" situation, not to speak for ilovebradiew but i wouldve guessed that yous was a minor spelling mistake made on your average iPod touch by your average iPod user. as we all know spelling mistakes are common when using iPod touch's. I think brycereid raged over nothing and is being a douche. If ilovebradiew intentionaly spelled "yous" then disregard this comment. BTW if your going to crack down on a simple error like "yous" brycereid then you need to gtfo because the Internet is so full of slang and abreviations that calling someone out on using the word "yous" would mean that have to correct every person to use U as the word YOU and every other freaking Internet phrase not even going to rant on how your comment is so ridiculously retarded just going to say this... language Nazis on the Internet can F off because the web is full of slang

actually, the plural of 'you' is y'all.

an average nigga consumes 456789 gallons of "purple drank" in a year.

MissSmiley613 0

Ah! I love it! This is truly amazing:D

NzxtZ06 0

Best. Student. Ever.

He called u a filming bench? what's do bad about that??

MiGman 5

kid: WIN

You only wrote about people responding to you. Really? Really?

#1 I ate some cheesecake and it was delicious!

Call his parents and expel him.

His older bro/Sis prob taught it 2 him or her and he or she wants 2 feel special or sumfing

Nederlander95 14

Call his parents? Yes. Expel him? Absolutely not

ajsciri4 0

young whippersnappers

FYLDeep 25

That's a pretty advanced insult for a kindergartner. You must be a good teacher, albeit a bitch.

I call fake! I bet the kid is really a first grader!

awesomechick618 0

my old friend Jordan from my old elementary school got left back in kindergarden for cursing out the teacher. lmsao poor ms. kulen :D

leadrunner751 3

Eminem Jr.?

Even Eminem doesn't let his kid act like that.

I don't know whether to laugh or be worried about humanity..

A little bit of both.

badluckalex 23

both what?

wow! Little children these days pick up quick!! haha! it's probably because of the parents

That's to dam funny! What's the sayin? Out of the mouths of babes comes the truth!

brycereid 0

that's not an fml for you, that's a fml toward the parents who raised your student.

that doesnt mean his parents taught him those words.. he could have learned them anywhere. he might not even know what they really mean