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  brycereid  |  0

41- just because it was in a dictionary doesn't mean it's proper English, besides it's like saying "I want to ax you a question" ax is a word, however not used correctly.

hehe ghetto slang ^^

  gutzzzz  |  0

yeah, this actually happens pretty often, I know quite a few people that work with/teach kids that age, one kids parents slip up and all of a sudden the whole class is "fucking bitches" :p

  Tikwichka  |  5

But it is! Slang words are still considered words. Have you ever studied linguistics? Slang terms are considered part of a dialect; standard English itself is a dialect. There is nothing incorrect or deficient about it. Read Chomsky or Pinker and you will see what I mean.


Tik, I thought the slang yous was usually spelled out youse? That's what I tend to see when a fictional character is from Baltimore, Philly, Jersey etc., but perhaps it's simply an America/Scotland inconsistency. I've always wondered about how we spell it, since yous makes more sense.

  asd10  |  0

have u ever been to Quebec? if u haven't u can't say it sucks. I live in montreal,Quebec and it's actually a beautiful place and there is a crazy night life


you should of acted the childs age by responding " l know you are but what am I ? " and since you can't bitch slap him or her grab their hand and make them hit themselves and proceed to say " why , you hitting yourself , why you hitting yourself !"

  puggfuggly  |  0

just want to say something about the "yous" situation, not to speak for ilovebradiew but i wouldve guessed that yous was a minor spelling mistake made on your average iPod touch by your average iPod user. as we all know spelling mistakes are common when using iPod touch's. I think brycereid raged over nothing and is being a douche.
If ilovebradiew intentionaly spelled "yous" then disregard this comment.

BTW if your going to crack down on a simple error like "yous" brycereid then you need to gtfo because the Internet is so full of slang and abreviations that calling someone out on using the word "yous" would mean that have to correct every person to use U as the word YOU and every other freaking Internet phrase not even going to rant on how your comment is so ridiculously retarded just going to say this...
language Nazis on the Internet can F off because the web is full of slang