By notoneatall - 07/07/2014 03:39 - Canada - Oakville

Today, I got called a cunt at work by a customer. What could I have said that could have caused them to say that? "Have a great day." FML
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Clearly doesn't like being told what to do with his day

The joys of working with the public!


He probably was having a bad day.. Let it go..!

He's probably pissed for since you didn't say have a great life or something Edit: I have no idea why this is a reply to 1

Any time anyone says "let it go" anymore it makes me want to puke.

TheKingKen 22

It doesn't matter. If you're having a bad day, you don't drag people with you. Talk to your family and/or your friends about your problem like a civilized human being and not be a douche.

missyfiona89 28

let it go~ let it go~ can't hold it back anymore~

euphoricness 28

45, you need to let that go

#13 isn't that an over reaction?

68 - because im sureeeee that she is litterly going to puke over it...

72, somewhere there's a Grammar Nazi bawling inconsolably over what you have done to that poor word.

Respect101 17

#72 I'm not a grammar Nazi, but the fact that you put litterly, instead of, literately, just makes me think of cat litter. Haha.

how is that dragging her down? all he did was call her a cunt. she can hardly take it personally. I would've just laughed

Cunt is a very offensive word.

I don't understand how a word like that can be offensive. If he called her fat or ugly then she could take it personally, but cunt is generally a comment on someone's personality or nature and he doesn't know anything about her so she can't take it personally

84 it makes me laugh that you didn't like his spelling of "litterly," and spelled it wrong with" literately." it's literally.

13- Aw, why? Thats an amazing song.

It's okay, #13; let it go

He probably thought you were being sarcastic!

Maybe he was Australian. I get called cunt by my Aussie pal all the time, and apparently it's normal to call friends that over there. Either we're really close, or I'm really bad at reading social cues.

Or maybe he as Tourette's.

@55 yes it is normal here in Australia to call our mates cunts, but we call people we don't know "mate"

That's the same as New Zealand. "Cunt" is for our best friends. If I said it to a stranger, it would be highly offensive. I interpreted this FML as OP saying it sarcastically. I reckon OP deserved it as there's more to this story than we are told.

I was fully just going to post something similar about how we speak to our mates in NewZealand

It's not highly offensive. you can't take something a stranger says personally. I guess it could be a shock if you weren't used to hearing the word but as an Australian, I'd probably just laugh

The joys of working with the public!

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Clearly doesn't like being told what to do with his day

Your not the boss of me...

It's like the delivery guy from Drake and Josh "Thanks, have a good day!" "Don't tell me what to do."

#24 I was just thinking about that. :D

Even if the customer had a bad day or had something on their mind, it does not give them am excuse to call you something so vulgar.

zevo1415 10

He just said cunt...not all that vulgar

Cunt is actually one of the most vulgar words you could call somebody, especially a woman

Actually it really isn't. The word has been acceptable since Shakespeare used it in his theater plays. Granted that it still is an insult, I agree with that.

57 - it is vulgar depending on where you live, although there is much worse

Wow grumpy cat is one of your customer? :O

Grumpy Cat wouldn't stoop to using such a vulgar word.

Hey, atleast you tried. Some people have such crappy days they don't care what happens

Just smile and wave. Gotta love the public..

mimi809o 21

People are just too rude these days...