By kb10 - 14/03/2011 07:32

Today, I got arrested for shoplifting. I don't know what's worse, that I stole a one dollar bottle of chocolate milk, or that I didn't have the dollar to pay for it. FML
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Its the fact that you are too lazy to work that's worse. Face it.

I would say what is worse is the fact you thought you could just take something that was not yours and get away with it! If you were really thirsty go drink some water out of a tap! At least you can't get done for that.


umm I'd say, the fact that you didn't have the $1 to pay for it, cause then you wouldn't have had to resort to shoplifting. T_T

Didn't *have* to resort to shoplifting either way. Btw, OP, if you had no money for drink, water fountains are free, and there's always tap water if you can't find a fountain. Beggars can't be choosers, dunno why you felt entitled to chocolate milk.

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6- has a good point.

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THAT right there is the reason i voted OP deserves it. I can see how someone could be starving or something, and needed to resort to stealing.. It's not right, but I don't think it's exactly wrong, if no one gets hurt.. But stealing chocolate milk? Chocolate milk is not a necessity.. It's something you wanted.. Stealing regular milk.. Sure, maybe. If your baby needs it.. It's not bad. Stealing an apple or something.. Yeah, maybe. I don't see those as morally wrong. But stealing chocolate milk is. You might need milk, but you don't need chocolate.

See i thought something similar to #6, then i realized, wait, OP has a computer and an internet connection! Obviously OP isn't poor or anything, they just didn't have money on them at the time. I hope you got fined :

@6, very good point, but I was simply just pointing out that the fact that he didn't have the dollar was worse than being caught for stealing it. 

59 has a point. Unless OP is on a public computer?

you totally deserved it for shoplifting especially over chocolate milk! and how do you have no money and still have Internet?

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you idiot. you are a prime example of what is wrong with this world. if you didn't have the money then you shouldn't have taken it dumbass. water is free. the fact that you felt entitled to the chocolate milk sickens me. you are SCUM. I hope that someone steals everything you own and leaves you with nothing but the clothes on your back. they should then take a dump on your bed and pee on your floor

The only way in which I would feel bad for the OP is if they were in middle school or high school and their parents couldn't afford to feed him/her. Public school enrollment could explain the access to a computer/Internet. Chocolate milk is high in calories so maybe that's why it was chosen. This is the only situation in which I would feel sympathy.

there ain't no rest for the wicked. money don't grow on trees. we got bills to pay. we got mouths to feed, there ain't nothing in this world for free.

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^ cage the elephant ftw!!! I got arrested for shoplifting at walmart once....but it was two cans of soup and chicken strips, and I only did it because my mom kicked me out without money or a place at the time. $500 teaches you a good lesson. there are food banks and churches for dumb poor fuc*s like us.

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153, most schools have sites like FML blocked; just saying.

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okay guys he might be at a public library! they offer free internet service there and you dont have to pay for anything!

161 your awesome for quoting cage the elephant!! :D

Is this real life? Hit me baby one more time. Caught in a bad romance. You shook me all night long. There, am I special for quoting artists?

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165- I hope you got your tattoos and piercings before you got kicked out...otherwise, you can't complain for being poor.

really #6? chocolate milk is AWESOME!!!!!!! but it not worth stealing yeah your special too :)

I can have sympathy for someone who steals soup. Chocolate milk? - not so much.

what does OP stand for???

why do you care so much?

Cage the Elephant.... nice

Its the fact that you are too lazy to work that's worse. Face it.

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yuggi1 you fucking idiot.maybe op has billsto pay and didnt have any money to spare for chocolate milk.... i moderated this to see what people say.

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if OP was tight on money so badly cause of bills and needs to steal why steal CHOCOLATE milk?

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op might have low blood sugar OR its what op had a taste for

I feel like if he's in that tight of a spot. you steal on necessity not on want

FOR FUCK SAKES, maybe it's because Chocolate Milk and regular Milk COST THE EXACT FUCKING SAME!!! He preferred chocolate! it's like someone offering you free regular or chocolate milk. if you prefer Chocolate, YOU'LL TAKE FUCKING CHOCOLATE. It makes NO DIFFERENCE.

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no shit dick tracy..

Have you been to a grocery store lately? Where I live, a half gallon of chocolate milk costs a buck more than a half gallon of regular milk. All luxury items, chocolate milk included, cost more.

or the fact that you got caught?

you can afford a computer liar

Public library??

Public library??


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it's called get a job.

you asshole, do you know how hard it is to get a job

me either. its just a matter of having too much pride to work a job that isnt socially empowering e.g. construction

Wow. That was stupid of you.

haha Jess, my blonde friend, does EVERYONE tell you that?? ^^ god I wish I looked like you!!

your pic is sexy

I also feel bad for her though, she's still very young and already looks "fully matured". meaning she's gonna have older guys looking her way, so Jess I hope you watch out for yourself. =)

haha very true, very true. be careful out there, Jess!

I think you are cuter than Jess.

well I disagree. :)

don't count yourself out like that, everyone is cute in their own way.

i'm the prettiest of all.

well thank y'all for the "support" , I guess. but ik what I see :) thanks anyways though lol

haha thanks, but no.

I think you are both quite beautiful :D admittedly I think Jess is a tad cuter, but you both are still very beautiful :D

I think you are both pretty :)

way to fish for compliments miss bunny..

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I feel pretty oh so pretty and witty and gay

miss bunny, your unattractiveness does not origin from your looks but rather your lack of confidence and your manipulative ways of fishing for compliments.

I think they are both beautiful, miss bunny more tho

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That's low. I f'n hate thieves.

Agreed! They're all worthless cowards.

"cowards"? lol while true that they are low, I can't agree when they're called cowards. case if you think about it they have the balls to steal something at the risk of getting caught. on the other hand WE are the cowards because we actually don't want to get caught(and don't lie, everybody has at least one thing they want to steal once in their lives; we're just too cowardly to do it.) and as for "but I don't steal because it's a crime/immoral" is just a front, but in reality we're just scared of being caught. don't get me wrong though, we would also feel guilty and such but, guilt is supposed to only take place AFTER a deed has been carried out.

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#48, what if the thief has 2 jobs? are they cowards then?what if the thief fell on hard times? are they a coward then? what if the thief is stealing to put food on the table and not for gain? are they a coward then? think before you post

I agree. too many f* n crackheads have stolen shit out of my car and stuff lol

#123 Yes, times are hard, but think if they had the money to get an iPod, iPhone, or computer, they could sell that for food and water. THINK

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so your saying that IF i steal out of need im a coward? IF i steal out of fear im a coward? some people dont steal because they love the thrill of stealing. some people still because they NEED not want.

123 chocolate milk isn't food on a table. and maybe you should be more busy working to put food on the table before looking at fmls. so think before YOU post

I love ur pic it's cute

I would say what is worse is the fact you thought you could just take something that was not yours and get away with it! If you were really thirsty go drink some water out of a tap! At least you can't get done for that.

Yeah, wow. At least if you're going to shoplift, steal something that might not be grossly unhealthy.

Both are worse, you totally deserved it.