Today, I got another in a year-long string of threatening letters about my late mother's credit card bill. I've called the credit company repeatedly to settle the account, but they won't talk to me because I'm not authorized to access it. Hope they have a Ouija board. FML
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  mariri9206  |  32

It should be enough but some places are not very bright or just like to make things difficult.

  Blurgas  |  16

Yea, debt cannot be inherited, it has to be brought against the estate of the deceased. If that doesn't cover it, the collector is shit out of luck. Also I think the collectors harassment of OP may be illegal, and that OP might be able to get compensation for it. Not a lawyer though, so take that as you may

By  iswearimhuman  |  12

They have no right to threaten you in the first place let alone shut you down when you actually make the effort to settle the account. Who the hell is running this company??

By  jcash52426  |  5

First sorry to hear about your mom
Second I would try to go in person with a death certificate showing you mom has passed if this still won't settle the account with you then don't worry about it. Your mom credit score doesn't matter any more.

By  Sharall  |  10

You actually need to send them a certified copy of her death certificate by mail. Make sure they have to sign for it so you have proof they received it. Had to do that with both grandparents.

By  niallo  |  23

This is actually very easy. Unless your name is on the account, you don't have to do a thing. If they are threatening you personally, and you can prove you told them, you have a really good harassment case.
But if you just want to get rid of them, look up Comptroller of the Currency. Watch how fast they run away squealing like a little pig. My brother used them with great results.
Good luck, and sorry for your loss.

By  rickytickytavi7  |  13

Funeral Director here, you need to contact the home that took care of her services, or government branch if it was through social services and request a proof of death certificate. You also need to be the executor to use the certificates to stop accounts etc. They should give you about 12 for free, might charge for more. Don't close out bank account for at least a year though if you are getting any government benefits back (MVA, survivor's benefits) as it is deposited in the deceased's name. Good luck!