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  TheBrochure  |  22

#4 - While I cannot say whether it is a majority or minority (because I am neither a professional statistician nor a woman), it is an unfortunately common problem. What will help to at the least bridge the gap between pleasure you get from others and that which you get from yourself is clear, honest communication.

  buckerado  |  19

If OP wants pleasure, she can go on the Internet and there are tons of guys looking for sex...There are so many easy ways to find a horny person nowadays...It's disturbing

  Goober244  |  12

Maybe it's time she invests some time into getting a guy.

  Ukeee_X  |  19

Sadly, it's most common that if you struggle solo it's harder with a man. I wish it worked that way! Though the women know the lady-form better ;)

By  mfmylifesrsly  |  29

Honestly for me it took me awhile to be able to orgasm with just my hand. I suggest buying a toy or if you dont have one you can find objects at home such as a brush handle. Also what girls tend to love is the shower head/bath faucet. Run the water gently at lukewarm and then place your clit under it. You can adjust the water to hot, cold, strong, gentle. It feels amazing.

  Myo_fml  |  20

Another thing to do the trick is if you have a showerhead on a hose, fill the tub up just over your clitoris and then detach the showerhead from the hose. More cold water means more power and holding it against yourself is just like owning a clit vibrator.

  DDCA  |  24

I'd like to be a fly on your walls. An FML post that has beautiful women openly giving advice on how to get themselves off? Fucking awesome!