By Anonymous - 01/06/2009 19:08 - United States

Today, I got an invitation to my ex-boyfriend's wedding. We broke up because "he didn't believe in marriage." FML
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when my bf broke up with me it was more like "idk how to put this lightly so... it's over" men r asses OP I'm sorry...

Correction on OP. Oh he believes in marriage...he just doesnt believe in marriage with YOU.

he's a hyprocrite

hes not a hypocrite... have u ever heard of an excuse?? apparently not cuz im 100% sure he said tht just to dump the OP. and it is an ass thing to do wht he did to the OP that sucks for you, but think of it this way he made tht excuse not to hurt you as much, cuz he could have just told u to fuck off and tht it was over :/

I agree with the first two comments. That really sucks though. Better off you two broke up since it seems he's an asshole. I feel bad for his new wife, or fiancé rather.

i am sorry, he just didn't belive in marriage with you.

A lot of people say that when they're dating someone they may love, but don't want to marry. Sending you the invite after telling you that is quite a slap in the face.

i'm betting it was a shotgun wedding, when's the new wifey due?

Go, ask him about it, and move on. Don't be a bitch about it but you're within your rights to ask for him to be honest about what had changed. If all else fails, there may be free booze.

What a jerk. Hopefully she wasn't "the other woman." :(