By me - 7/5/2012 20:38 - Canada - Orillia
  Today, I got an inconvenient erection while at my girlfriends house, so I tried to think of something stupid to get rid of it. I tried thinking of Pokémon, which actually made me harder. FML
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  downtime  |  12

One of my fears when thinking about other things to get rid of unwanted erections was that my mind would end up associating those things with arousal and whenever I see, hear or think of them it'd happen again...

By  SkoomaKi  |  25

Girlfriend - Do you want anything to eat?
OP - Yeah some crisps would be nice
Girlfriend - Ok, imma go get some *leaves room*
OP - Chatizard, pikachu....! *jizzes*
Girlfriend - *walks in and stares*
OP - Oh god why....

  SkoomaKi  |  25

Ahh autocorrect, it had served and humiliated me for so long...
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