By Noname / Saturday 21 February 2009 21:43 / United States
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By  jesusjr  |  6

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By  mleeb  |  5

first of all, if this did happen, you totally deserved it. second, there is no "send" button. while i can only assume you hit the "'enter" key, this doesn't sound realistic at all.


If it's funny, then it doesn't really matter, does it? I burst out laughing when I read this AND I didn't pay attention to those little details like an idiot who doesn't have a sense of humour! You've got to have a bit more fun, my friend.

By  d00d_c0m3_0n  |  8

Yea, I would assume they hit the enter key that's on the far right hand side of the key board. Since it IS the button closest to the outside, I suppose it's a plausible story, but still sounds a little unlikely.

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