By Noname - 21/02/2009 21:43 - United States

Today, I got an email from my professor with my grade for a paper. It said, "Solid writing, but you should have proofread your final draft more carefully." In a moment of annoyance, I typed in the reply box, "God should have proofread your FACE more carefully." My elbow hit the send button. FML
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I suggest using the 'my little brother did it' defense!

you do know the irony of your comment an your name right?


I suggest using the 'my little brother did it' defense!

Mel, ever been raped?

haha. YDI even tho that's something I would do.

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I tried that ... it didn't work. Probably wasn't the best idea to have said it to his face:/

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Rape isn't good to joke about, fuckwad. some people seriously have problems over that shit.

Pretty sure that's what my crush does when he says something I don't like.

hahaha.. I'd do something like that.. Still, YDI.

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XD- better you than me buddy...he probably deserved it anyways, dont worry

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bwahahahahaha that's priceless

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Thats fabulous just laugh it off when you see him or run lol

I'm so confued about hwo your elbow hit send! Did your elbow hit the mouse, or track pad with the mouse arrow on send? do you nornally type with your elbow? you have one of those fancy touch screen monitors and you decided you elbow the screen? I need to know more.

no you don't, shut up.

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I loled

same here lmao

you do know the irony of your comment an your name right?

you do realize that was probably on purpose right?

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rofl! comment this and let us know how he responds

first of all, if this did happen, you totally deserved it. second, there is no "send" button. while i can only assume you hit the "'enter" key, this doesn't sound realistic at all.

If it's funny, then it doesn't really matter, does it? I burst out laughing when I read this AND I didn't pay attention to those little details like an idiot who doesn't have a sense of humour! You've got to have a bit more fun, my friend.

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Yeah dude, if it made you laugh just shut up and read the next one lolz definetly go with my little bro did it

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Maybe his elbow hit the mouse that clicked the send button

If you hit enter, it doesnot send. it just does a carriage return. how did you elbow send the email?

Yea, I would assume they hit the enter key that's on the far right hand side of the key board. Since it IS the button closest to the outside, I suppose it's a plausible story, but still sounds a little unlikely.

I've done something similar. It happens to the best of us.