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Today, I got an email from a local company looking to have a website made. I looked over their request and provided them with a reasonable offer. I got an email back stating that they would like to pay me with liquor instead of money. FML
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get shitfaced!

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And you didn't accept their offer?!


Hey, yeah, funky fresh, I like it, I'm listening to Jive Bunny right now, I'm a fun guy!!!

wtf? Who changed my comment? I posted "YDI for being alcoholic".

probably a mod, since your comment was absolutely idiotic. how does somebody who doesn't know him offering him alcohol make him an alcoholic?

Okay, if the mods are pulling *that,* FML just got a lot cooler for me. We're much better off without comments like what you tried to post.

So? Refuse the offer. How the hell would your life be fucked because of that?

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Alan is my hero.

lol. well done Alan.

okay, "FML staff", does that mean you are in an FML office? And you are paid and stuff? Classy dude.... do you run MLIA too?

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This isn't an FML, it is an EPIC WIN!

I agree. Saves the hassle of buying the booze.

This! Hell, if you need money then sell the booze. You'd can make killing offa bootlegging it to underage kids.

depends on how they price the liquer... it also depends on if you have the cash to waste the time

Not an FML, bartering FTW!

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Depends on the booze. I except Knob Creek as payment, but NOT Georgia Moon!

I don't know about anybody else, but I always code better when I'm shitfaced, so this would be a double-win for me!

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I mean unless they dont want a drink they just want to I dont know pay their bills or something

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agreed, though it would have to be Jack Daniels quality or better :P

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exactly. how is this fml?? i mean, what were you going to spend the money on anyways, bills? who would do a silly thing like that... at least this saves you a trip to the liquor store.

Tell them you only except Trident Layers.

it could be a bar...would be cool to do a website and then get free drinks for a year

shewasalmost18 0

get shitfaced!

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I don't see a problem here?

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I agree...this isnt a FML, its hitting the Jackpot!!! We used to call this "bartering"... I would happily go back to that, and they offered you booze?!?!?! What company is this? Im willing to work with them!!!

greenburbon 0

Wow. You are pathetic. I cannot believe how important alcohol has become in society-->in particular to the youth. You guys are idiots. Money can be used for bills, food, alcohol, ect. Important stuff. Alcohol only gives you a few good nights of throwing up and not remembering who you fucked and having a hangover. Grow up people. Mature.

I know, I feel the same way! It's so sad to see people so obsessed over alcohol (or pot or cigarettes or whatever, it pretty much comes down to the same thing). It makes me disgusted to hear about people that friends of mine know that are too busy getting drunk/high/etc. to care that they're not leaving money for their families to eat or get educations. :( In my opinion, every dollar you spend on the "sin industry" is another dollar you're going to be looking for later when you're trying to buy a meal for your family and you realize you've come up short on cash.

@ greenburbon; Alcohol does not equal a "few good nights of throwing up and not remembering who you fucked and having a hangover." There is a thing called drinking responsibly you know, you should try and learn it. I can go out, drink and have a great time, all without getting sick or even having a bad hangover the next day. Lighten up a little bit for Christ sake, if you hate your life and can't pay the bills please refrain from dragging your pessimism onto the Internet.

brilliantbarbie 0

#35 and #39: as you are responding to my post: Just because you cannot follow the "work Hard; play hard" motto does not mean that other people cannot. I will be totally honest with you, I LIVE above a bar that is open until 4AM, I have since I GRADUATED college with a double bachelors, MAGNA Cum Laude. I also work FULL TIME, and am Studying to take the Law School Admission Test. I do NOT have any children, because I chose to NOT be that 23 year old girl partying and trying to take care of a child.. I was RESPONSIBLE in my decisions and continue to be. I live alone, and pay my bills on time, every time. I drink and I have smoked pot throughout my college career and then some. I have never missed a day of work, I have Never been fired, my Cat always has food and water, I pay my taxes and I have never in my life been arrested for anything. I live my life, and am happy with it the way it is. So, I dont need to worry about leaving money for my family, as I am not responsible for one, and I do not need to worry about spending money on my education as I already have gotten it and paid for it. My life effects noone other than myself, and you cannot argue against that. I have never gotten behind the wheel drunk, and noone needs to fear that I ever will (being responsible enough to move above a bar is another thing I pride myself in) Dont assume because you cant handle the life I live that I cannot. Im sure Im doing just as good as you or better at this point. Fact of the matter is, Trading goods for services is what bartering is, and its what this country was founded on...maybe you should go look up the pilgrims and indians and how we got corn my friend. Its nice when you can maintain intelligence and a little personal is short, so long as you are fulfilling your responsibilities noone should judge you for what you do, or me for that fact, but thank you for your critique on my life when you know nothing about me other than my name as brilliantbarbie.

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@brilliantbarbie: Too long, didnt read the rest. Magna cum laude my A, I read more than 10 comments who claim they are Magna cum laudes as well.. Psh right. Im 100% sure you are just some insecure person who wants to brag about nothing, why would you even waste time beig defensive and all if you have half a brain.

Nomad609 0

@brilliantbarbie: Too long, didnt read the rest. Magna cum laude my A, I read more than 10 comments who claim they are Magna cum laudes as well.. Psh right. Im 100% sure you are just some insecure person who wants to brag about nothing, why would you even waste time defending urself to strangrers and all if you have half a brain.

@nomad Step off my name if you're an idiot. Since you have no idea if barbie is smart or dumb, rich or poor, pretty or ugly, an alcoholic or a stoner, or anything else about her and you have the gall to respond to her without even reading her full comment is retarded. Talk about wasting someone's time. If you can't take the time to read someone's rant/comment then don't bother responding. People are responsible in life. Some like to drink a little, smoke a little and are still active members of society. 3% of the world population has some sort of drug addiction and are selfish people for it. Get off your high horse since you know nothing and are happily ignorant. But please, if you're going to be a troll, get another name. Don't need some douchebag like you messing up the nomad name.

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you may feel my post is too long, however at least Im intelligent enough to not re-post the same comment twice. Believe what you want, I have the documentation to prove it, not that I need to to somebody named "nomad" and obviously you did read it because you are just NOW posting in the thread, so what are you talkinga bout?? If you didnt read the ENTIRE thread you wouldnt have commented, which means you my friend need something to do with your life. Think what you want ,insecure is the least of my worries... my names brilliantbarbie... sooo insecure.

"sin industry"? Really? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I bet you weren't allowed to watch disney movies as a child, were you? @brilliantbarbie, Good for you, really. I'm in college as well, and I know how to control myself. Most of the girls out there don't. & also, thanks for not driving drunk, more people need to realize the need for a DD.

brilliantbarbie 0

NOMADXX7... I take back part of my post my post, as you can see, he DID give a bad name to all the "nomads" out there. I apologize for my statement (to you if it offended you!). Sunny: thank you :)

There is a space between no and one.

What you fail to realize is this person makes money based on commission, you earn what you sell, and what the OP is selling is web design. Alcohol is not sufficient for income. For you, if making webdesign was a side project and not a full time job, sure you could take it if you wanted, but for them, it is insufficient. The country may be built on bartering as you said, but bartering does not work in the business world. Have you even gone to a store to buy something and offer them alcohol for a chocolate bar (just for an example)? The issue should not be the way someone handles themselves while drinking, but whether alcohol is a REALISTIC payment, which it isn't, that's why it's a FML. I like to party, I'm just not like "Booze is an awesome payment! IT'S SO VALUABLE, I could so live off of this!"

brilliantbarbie 0

at killing rage...thank you for your very very meaningful addition to the discussion. Thank you for noticing my typo, and the next time Im writing something in PROPER English and turning it in, I will hire you as my editor. Until such a time, you are on a relaxed and fun forum where people share their thoughts and ideas on a particular post. If you have nothing better to do than correct my gramatical/spelling errors, Im good to go...go see if the NY post is hiring or something. I drive fast: As a matter of fact, bartering was the first form of business, again, how do you thing we got corn, you can call the farmers of america and let them know they dont run a business. The fact of the matter is, money is tight everywhere...the economy is bad, whether people recognize this or not... I work in a business, and we accept different forms of payment as well...we need someone to do the landscaping, we need someone to work on our computers, we need someone to keep the office clean...its simple, and it works, they get what they need and vice versa. I do not think you can assert that "Bartering does not work in the business world" Im in the business works for us. and not for nothing, how is a person living off of ONE website? Apparently these people need to network a little bit better, but hey, if they accepted booze or networking as payment, maybe they wouldnt have this issue. I maintain, this is not a FML. Dont do the job, or take the booze and do what you will with it. Either way they arent getting the cash, and if your a business owner you know how to make it work in your best interest.

Props to ya- my life is quite similar.

"My life effects noone other than myself, and you cannot argue against that. " It's "affects," and "noone" is not a word. Great job Ms. Magna Cum Laude.

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#39 and 35 were losers in high school and are bitter brilliantbarbie = HERO, although magna cum laude is not very good so you should be careful bragging about it

You took it right? Booze is booze!

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And you didn't accept their offer?!

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Sell the liquor.

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If you don't want it say "sorry I only accept money" or something like that How's this an FML? Ugh this site is going down the tubes

My thoughts exactly. Worst-case scenario, the OP lost 10 minutes of her time. Not exactly anything worth caring about.

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*sigh* I agree.