By dudezilla - 13/10/2009 15:52 - United States

Today, I got a text message from a number I didn't know telling me, "Fine. It's over, have a wonderful life." I've never had a girlfriend and now I get broken up with by girls I don't even know. FML
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How do you know it was a girl? o_O

What? You get a wrong number and now your life is over? Clearly someone needs to grow a pair.


sell me cocaine!

I agree. Instead of girls, try filling that empty void with white powder instead.

Snort the happiness. Feel the craptastic power!

now thats just too silly!

here...the number for a guy I know is 911...

How do you know it was a girl? o_O

Oh good point. Didn't even think of that. Quit whinning OP! Seriously, you'll find someone eventually.

lol, I didn't even think of that at first. But OP, this is your chance. If it is a girl, you know they are available. So reply back and lay your game. Stop being a wuss. YDI cuz it's a chance

that was just what I was thinking...

Yes, do what Green says! If it's a dude, though, good friend? This is a pretty amusing FML, actually, haha

xD My first thought!

OP is a true heart breaker!

who cares? what a whiny retard.

Haha yeah.. Also, OP, stop exaggerating, it was ONE person who fake dumped you, not "girls." And yeah, the others above me are right, it could very well be a guy.

Who cares man? You weren't broken up with, she just sent the text to the wrong number. You'll find a girl some time, just don't try to rush things. Ask someone out!

Surely asking just "someone" out WOULD be rushing things?

Lol it was different in my head. I meant like, start hanging out with some girls or something and if he finds someone he likes (over a period of time) then ask that person on a date =)

"she just sent the text to the wrong number." - Poor guy that it was meant for, eh? He got broken up with and has no idea. Or, he broke up with someone and has no idea how they reacted. LOL. Actually, that's funnier than this FML! xD

Lol so true #69!

ive had this happen to friend texts me from her phone, and randomly one text will be from a TOTALLY different number, and when i reply its to some other weird

How is that in any way the same thing!?

top ten hell yeah :] sucks for u op

actually.. ur not in the top ten.

duh text her back and say wrong number. u know she is single now so why not give it a shot

What were you doing reading texts? Shouldn't you have been off cutting yourself or something?

And the insensitive jerk of the day award goes to...

How is this an fml? This girl clearly wants out of her relationship. This could work in your favor. Turn up your game