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  Ugi  |  26

#1 - I think the implication is that it was her.

But what she said was "That would be my BF - he's just back from Afghanistan".

  stacianichole  |  2

Is that when a person can't come within 300 feet of their family and loved ones offering to help him/her get the help he/she needs because they love & care about the person but OH MY GOD don't come any closer!!!

  xNephilim  |  18

I don't know, maybe they were supposed to be pretty good friends. I know I wouldn't worry about showing up at my friend's house until I got there and then I might just decide to mess with him and ask, only to barge in and say, "told you I'd be here soon."

  gotaphd  |  6

Or OP could have just done an evil laugh, whispered im coming for you, and then turn towards the "friend" slowly and creepily
Problem solved