By rawr101 - 02/10/2010 06:25 - Australia

Today, I got a text from my ex: "I miss you." I was happy to hear this, so I replied "Really?" I got in return "Not really, I'm just really horny and thinking of you." FML
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well guys have needs...

Oh come on. It's not like you're NEVER in the mood. he was just being honest.


well guys have needs...

make up sex?

yeah i agree, just go with it!

I agree with 1 6 and 8

text him back saying how you missed the way he is so patient and understanding because your current bf just gives you multiple orgasms then leaves.

Or you can tell him that his dick is too small for you.

He's... honest? ^_^

haha lol he seems cool

Oh come on. It's not like you're NEVER in the mood. he was just being honest.

who really cares, I mean if you were in the mood then take it for what it is, you each get your fuck on everyone busts then you go your separate ways. It is what it is!!!

I'm w/ y'all doesn't sound like she has moved on & is gettin it from anywhere else. Shit, just at least get some. I would.

uhm ew honest or not that's uncalled for or in this case untexted for lmao -Ł

LOLOL. he wants to sext. ;)

Nah. I think he wants a blowjob or sex.

Or he wants a sandwich! :)

go make him one then (:

I think OP just got molexted. (cyanide & happiness)

no OP dosnt want a sandwich. hes a big boy and wants a chicken dinner! even tho technically that would be anything since everthing tastes like chicken in a way.

show him what he's been missing ;) lol jk

wry sarcasm from the BF?? maybe/hopefully

that's horrible. lol. I text punch him. xD

you can't express sarcasm through text?

Well, he was thinking of you..

heyheyhey !!! hahahaha a nerd ? as u can see i ealk in without fear to msg u and walk out as a winner ^^ buh !, we can't see. Your comment is unreadable.