By Saberwolf - 13/02/2011 21:14 - United States

Today, I got a text from a girl that I've had a crush on for a long time, asking me out to dinner. I agreed and went to the restaurant. Not long afterwards, I got text from her saying something had come up, so she couldn't make it. As I was walking back to my car, I saw her walk into the same restaurant with another guy. FML
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what a bitch!

Oooh ouch that sucks op. There are other fish in the sea.


what a bitch!

Something did come up inside her. :D

Sorry to hear that. Bettre luck next time(:

So? Something did come up. Up inside her, that is. :D

She was probably nice actually. I bet she sent the text to the wrong person, so instead of making you feel worse by saying it was a mistake, at least now you were left thinking "She would have gone with me if this other dude said no" Better 2nd choice than never?!

^lame. idk about you but it's not a good feeling knowing you're not your date's first choice. I'd rather move on and find someone who actually wants me!

Baby_Blues22 0

^ exactly!! better that you found out now what kind of person she is than later when you were bf and gf op hope you find someone who treats you better!

Don't be so dramatic, there thousands around you. You are just too stupid and dumb to see it.

Hey, rejection can be a bitch. I haven't been rejected in a long while, but that doesn't mean I haven't forgot how it feels. And it doesn't feel good.

nlr 9

I agree with cutie number one... I have never been rejected but she is a bitch! If I was her I would ask for a raincheck...

That's exactly what I thought. Texting the wrong person, I mean.

76- Between your comment and your profile you skipped right past subtle into a full blown brag

Oooh ouch that sucks op. There are other fish in the sea.

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like you... ;)

wow throw a pie at her face!

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FYL dudee !!!

The something else will soon come in and she'll feel the gain.

that bloody sucks! what a bitch!!

perdix 29

Something did come up -- it's called A BETTER DEAL. You should aspire to date fatter, uglier girls who won't be able to do any better than you.

That was mean. Like, REALLY mean.

Angi95 3

wow ur an ass

perdix 29

Can you deny the truth of what I said? Yes, it is not nice, but it's most likely true. People like you who are encouraging the OP to go out with girls who are out of his league are actually condemning him to a life of disappointment and frustration. I have the guts to tell him the real truth so he can start to get on with his life. Who's really the villain here?

I agree, Perdix.

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i agree also, people ask me y i nvr had a bf& i say idk or just because im ugly but i seriously make some logic out of it & lower my standards or ill probably live my whole life aline :/ sad but true ;(

give him some hope but don't tell him he is a last resort that's just a dick move

No, no, he speaks tha truth. |~•Tha goon•~|

Perdix is completely right anyone who disagrees needs to open their eyes to reality this isn't some shitty teen drama where the hog of a girl gets the popular jock this is real life people! news flash all people are shallow!!

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Definitely agree with perdix. Based off other peoples' advice, less attractive people would never have kids because they'd always be aiming way too high. You'll never be happy until you accept your flaws and learn to live with them, which may mean lowering your standards.

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Perdix has had experience with this.

i agree also its sad but 100% truee anyways hope u find someone OP

it seems there are lots of them around here:)

Become the bad guy, you love it...

Wow I would have showed her the back of your hand. Ok just kidding. But definitely not worth your time.

That's pretty rude considering she asked OP out in the first place.

strawberrydreams 18

I know that had to hurt emotionally OP. I would've called her out on that but, you know, that wouldn't too classy now would it? FYL though.

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what a bitch.