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Today, I got a surprise call from LA Fitness saying I've been signed up for a two week pass. It's from my boyfriend. Didn't see this one coming. FML
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I dont get why fat people get so angry when their significant other does something for them. Its like having someone pay for your college, are you going to say no, get pissed, and not talk to them because they want you to be smarter? Do everyone a favor and exercise.

He's a keeper. Have fun at the gym!


First! And LOL Fyl

if he works out then u should do the same

whats so bad about this?..

oh still though shes acting like shes the only one

Time to tone yo booty!

lol yeah 15 fat people do that

ahh! so sweet! he cares about ur health! suk it up and workout bish...

I'm going to have to go with YDI on this one. Sorry OP, hit the gym.

lol! this is funny but not cool. and I work out but my bf doesnt like to :( Now THIS post gave me an idea! lol!

Seriously? Why do fat people get offended when someone points out that they are fat. It is your fault OP. YDI.

OP your boyfriend is a jerk. this reminds me when my ex told me when I have his babies he's getting me a gym membership and once I hit 50 I have to get implants..douche bag...

also if he wanted to get you a gym membership cause hes concerned for your health, then thats nice of him, he should have mentioned it to you though instead. buttt since he didnt mention it to you he probably just cares more about what your body looks like. so OP lose the weight for yourself, not for some jerk.

43 LOL sooo true xD

I mean yh I get he wanted to help u out and stuff, but did he really have to do it in such a jerk way? fyl:/

sometimes when you sign up for membership they ask you to recomend a few people and they give you a discount, towel or something else.. so don't feel too bad.

coulndt turn around fast enough?

They should rename it "LA fatness" because of the fat people who went there to exercise, don't worry OP, you'll be included.

My aunt works at LA fitness! Random, I know...

Are you kidding? The only way to talk to fat ppl is through indirect actions. You would all be saying the bf was a jerk if he had talked to the OP about her weight problem. Saying that it "isn't his place" to mention it. Well guess what, when you're dating an overweight person, you can be totally in love with their personality and still be repulsed by their outward appearance. And atleast he didn't drop her like 3rd period French. He is trying to remedy the situation without leaving her. Fat ppl never admit they have a problem. They make excuses and try to hide from the situation. Here's one last bit of food for thought, why should I care about someone that doesn't care about themselves? Because the reality is fat ppl have very little, if any, self respect.

it's not just overweight people who have no self respect, a lot of thin people don't either. Especially the ones who starve themselves to keep up with fashion terms. Not everyone who's overweight has no self respect. The point is everyone comes in different shapes and sizes, being skinny isn't exactly the perfect thing. I know more skinny people who have diabetes then overweight people. Not all thin people are in fact in shape. My chubby friends can outrun my thin friends any day.

and some guys are into chubbier girls, I know a lot of guys who think 'skinny' is disgusting. The point is shapes and sizes don't matter as long as you're healthy OP if not then it is best to hit the gym not for weight purposes.

lose some weight op ,,, 33 ugliest picture I've ever seen u look like a serial killer

78-true, but as a rule fat people don't have nearly as much self esteem. granted some people out there r happy to be fat(?) it's not very common. and yes some people like them that way but the majority of people aren't attracted to it. as for the starvers, that's just stupidity. fashion trends are the reason fo eating disorders and low self esteem in small peope, and yes, skinny is gross if it goes too far. you can be fit and not one bit fat without ribs showing and hair falling out. basically, the conditions you stated are true, they are conditions and rare at that. obesity and anorexia both are very unhealthy.

101- I say it because I always see my skinny friends in the mirror saying they're fat but yet stuffing their faces and my 'chubby' friends LOVE how they look

73: Type 1 diabetes isn't caused by a poor diet; it's generally triggered by a virus. The people that have it can't control getting it the way many Type 2 diabetics can. The condition itself can make it very difficult to gain weight, so many people who have it are underweight. My brother is both underweight and diabetic, but otherwise he's very fit and strong.

#43 U R AN IDIOT. That's like calling a metally retarted a retard, or a stupid person there dumb.

A stupid person is dumb. A fat person is fat. A mentally retarded person is technically retarded. Is it right to call any of them like you see it? No, not really. Do people still do it? Yup. You also spelled 'retarded' wrong.

Bit of a rude gesture if you ask me, especially since he didn't speak to you about it first.

actually if you sign up for la fitness they ask for 5 people you want to give free 2 week passes to. it's actually nice he thought of her since la fitness is so expensive.

Still. It wouldn't hurt to say something about it first, otherwise it can be read the wrong way entirely.

honestly, it's only read the wrong way if they're insecure about their weight. and if they are, they should probably go to the gym anyway. otherwise, they wouldn't care.

From what I've seen, darling, most of the time, those who are insecure about their weight, are perfectly average in their stature. However, due to the media and people's shallow opinions, to them, their average stature = morbidly obese.

I understand girls have that issue...sweetie..(were using pet names now?) but my point is...if he gave her a free trial, that means he joined the gym and wants her to go with him. girls need to stop reading so much into what guys do all the time. that was more of a nice gesture than an insult.

I'd have to agree with cantfightfate on this. Maybe OPs boyfriend would like her to go with him to help keep motivated. I feel much more motivated to work out and go to the gym when my boyfriend goes with me.

I also have to agree with cantfightfate on this one. Her bf wants her to be in shape, nothing wrong with that.

cantfightfate wins I totally agree with you.

-73, I actually think 26 has a point. EVERYONE is self conscious about something. young and old. Fat and skinny. black and white. so u assuming that he's referring to just Tweens is wrong and the way u said ur comment had some douche quality to it too:)

I have to agree with cantfightforfate. I wish people would be a bot more gracious especially when they're getting something for free. Who cares if he got it because you've put on a few pounds op. It just shows he cares about you, nothing more. Being insecure about yourself tends to lead to reading into things the wrong way.

86: I dunno, some free things you shouldn't be grateful for. If my husband gave me, say, two free weeks on eHarmony, gratitude would NOT be my first reaction! In this case, though, I agree with you and cff; it sounds like an innocent gesture and OP shouldn't read too much into it.

second! this one made me laugh

SECOND! I'd like to thank my mom, dad, bff char and Elizabeth, new friends, old friends, my dog...

maybe he thinks u r fat....ouch!!

He's either a jerk or just concerned about your health

Well that's not very nice of him. Do something similar back to him.

Oh yeah that's the best idea.. Get back at your boyfriend for not only wanting to spend time with her at the gym, for saving her money by getting her a two week pass, AND to care about her health. Geez, he sounds like a complete douche to me.. (/sarcasm)

84-r u retarded? most people who diet gain weight. diets fail all the time. eatin right is very important, but if you just sit on the couch and eat right you will maybe lose a few pounds only due to changing your eating habits, then you will gain. you have to lift some kind of weights to increase your metabolism, then you have to do some kind of cardio to burn calories and fat, AND you have to eat right to maximize your weight loss. no, the majority of weight loss is not eating rigt, but an equal balance of diet Anne exercise

ooooh that's fkd up fyl OP

ouch... well, at least he didn't say he thinks ur fat right to ur face :)

He's a keeper. Have fun at the gym!

Actually he is a keeper, how dare he express concern for OP's weight? He's so rude for wanting to boost her confidence not to mention health. "Today, my bf signed me up for a gym membership. Now I actually have to be active, and stop wallowing in self pity while watching Gilmore Girls and devouring a pint of Ben and Jerry's. FML."

I'm pretty sure 13 was actually serious.

I'm pretty sure 79 was sarcastic.