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Pixie cuts are never cute. yes there are some people, like natalie portman for example, who can pull off a pixie cut, but these people still look 100x better with normal girl-hair.

Yo, #2, duck faces are never cute. Yes there are some people, like Angelina Jolie for example, who naturally have pouty lips, but people still look 100x better with undistorted faces.


Sucks that you look like a boy. Or that he looks like a girl.

well, at least her BF isn't fantasizing on her brother.

who knows , maybe he's into incest . this may have been the deal maker you've always been looking tor!

It is not incest. She said HER brother.

She deserves it for not asking her bf his opinion first! He definitely has the right to say whether or not he wants his gf to look like a boy or a lesbian.

Fuck that. If I want to do something with my body I'm going to do it, whether my boyfriend likes it or not. After all, he loves me for ME. Not my stupid hair. I sincerely hate women who let their boyfriends walk all over their own opinion. >_>

Well I think for a radical change you need to at least ask the opinion. Then you can decide whether you'll follow your bf's advice or not. In a couple, you look at life together. Unless your idea of a couple is you go and do whatever you please and he follows you like a little dog? Don't you ever listen to what your bf has to say and consider his point of view? Let's say you want to get a bald head. He probably wouldn't dump you for it. But if he feels less attracted to you or embarrassed by you, you will suffer from that too. So you might as well want to know in advance if you're taking this risk. Plus, good women like intelligent men, who are able to protect them from doing things they might regret. Maybe your boyfriend would talk you out of it or maybe, on the contrary, you would convince him it is a good idea. This is called communication. In a couple, iI think, the opinion of the one you love should matter. Of course it is your right to think only your opinion matters and to assume that you are always right and nobody else has anything interesting to say. Please don't wonder if you end up alone and unhappy. Kind regards.

odexy your picture and your comment makes you seem fucking annoying. you have an ugly ass hair cut so thats why you say that

Okay, anyone who says she deserved it are total fuckwits, along with the people saying "why would you do that, no guys like short hair!!!" Hey, did you EVER stop to think that what a girl does isn't always an effort to attract men? Have you ever thought, "wow, maybe that girl cut her hair short because SHE likes it like that, not because she's trying to get laid"? What is with all the shitheads assuming she got her hair cut for the sole purpose of impressing someone? If you didn't know it before, well now you do: women don't always give two fucks about what men think about them. She got a pixie cut because she likes pixie cuts, not because men like pixie cuts. Understand?

She thought he was "taken aback". And then she comes here and writes a FML about it. So obviously her boyfriend's opinion does matter and it does matter to her that she looks like a boy. Don't worry OP, it will grow back. Short hair can look very nice on a woman but not on all women. Actually the one who did something wrong here was the hairdresser, for not pointing out that that style could be a bad choice for her face. And for those who get offended easily, I didn't mean (above) that short hair makes everyone look boyish/lesbian, ok? Just like dyed blonde hair can look beautiful on some people and slutty on others. The same applies to miniskirts.

As long as she doesn't comment/criticize anything about him then and especially not his looks/weight/clothing etc. :) I agree with 126. Life together doesn't have to be a battle and one can be assertive yet consider other opinions

hair is living. that's why it grows. nice trie blondie.

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Whether or not someone looks good with short/long hair is a subjective opinion. Don't try to pass off your opinion as fact.

I agree girls can look good with short hair but they look better with long hair

Yo, #2, duck faces are never cute. Yes there are some people, like Angelina Jolie for example, who naturally have pouty lips, but people still look 100x better with undistorted faces.

KaySL, you're amazing. :)

#2 tells the truth.

EPIC WIN! KaySL: 1. Distorted Duck Face: 0

she looks like winona ryder lol not that theres anything wrong with that :P

Emma Watson definitely looked better with long hair.. the pixie cut does not suit her at all

so much fucking win with Kaysl

ooooooh where is my mind?

Looks like #2 got her inspiration from my pic. It's hard being beautiful, everyone tries to steal my spotlight. :'(

I thought so too at first (about Emma Watsons hair) but her short hair has grown on me. She looks like she has such a sexy confidence now.

#2 Some women actually do look good with short hair...But it's all up to personal preference and the opinion of others. I think it's silly to say "no women looks good with short hair", because a lot of people have an entirely different preference.

Try this trick and spin it, yeah.

By the way, my comment at 133 was a reply to 76. He started on a particular Pixie song that I enjoyed, so I though I would "Chime" in

By the way, my comment at 133 was a reply to 76. He started to word a particular Pixie song that I really enjoyed, so Ithought I would "chime" in.

I have a pixie cut, I'm a girl, and I get compliments on it all the time. everyone also agrees I look better with short hair. I love Emma Watson's new hair, she looks adorable!

Oh god, I just imagined your boyfriend having to differentiate between you and your brother.

Hahaha. That sounds like the beginning of a bad porno. But, really, OP, if you like it.. Who cares? Maybe you look awful, but as long as you like it.. Keep it. Not much you can do, anyways. And who cares if your boyfriend said that? Sucks, but you ARE related to your short-haired brother. As long as he didn't fuck you right there and then, while screaming his name.. Just deal. It'll grow out.

yeah. You're going to get dumped.

If he dumps her for her hair he's a pathetic pile of garbage. =/

Even if he's leaving her for her brother?

YOU have a boyfriend? hold onto him...

#131 Who are you talking to?

You should've researched what face types look good with a pixie cut. There are only a couple women I've seen that look good with one. You either have to have really strong facial features or really pixie like ones, and more likely that not you won't have those kind of features. Good luck growing your hair out.

oops wrong comment

She should not only have researched it, she should imo also have asked her boyfriend what he thought of it, before getting her hair done. Personal freedom for the win and so on, but you are with two in a relationship. If you want to change something about yourself (tattoo, piercing, strange haircut, haircolor...), you should simply ask the other his opinion. He/she is the one who have to look at it. My boyfriend once choose to paint some of his long, darkbrown hair in a very light blonde. It looked gay. I found it awful, but I had to look at it for over a year. Then he found it awful and colored his hair back, but you still can see it. So, OP, YDI.

disagree, approval from a bf? plz.

If you can't at least listen to your boyfriend's opinion when decided to drastically change something the relationship is doomed to fail. Not saying let him control you or anything but communication and compromise is everything in a successful relationship.

If you want that your relationship lasts longer than a year, yes, you need his/her approval if you're about to do something drastic about yourself. Would you like it if your partner 'ruined' his/her body in your eyes? No, you wouldn't. I have long hair, my boyfriend has forbidden me to shave it off, because he finds me beautiful how I am now. True beauty is inside, but the eyes want something too.

151, you're pretty mature for your age. Intelligent and sexy, pretty sure you're a keeper.

I agree. You should ask your significant other their opinion if you're to do anything drastic. That said, you don't HAVE to follow their advice. It is your body after all. But if they're adamant about not wanting you to shave your head, for example, you may not want to risk losing them over changing yourself that much. I didn't bother asking my boyfriend when I put hot pink streaks in my hair. And he didn't care, either! If I dyed my naturally medium brown hair blonde though, I'm sure he'd have an issue as he doesn't like blonde hair all that much. If I dyed my hair a chestnut brown I probably wouldn't ask him either because it's only a few shades darker than what I have. See where I'm going with this? You kind of have to judge what's "too much of a change" and what isn't... and if it's deemed "too much", you should probably ask him or her just to be safe.

what did you expect? 90% of all men HATE women with short hair. That's how it is. Short hair is just not as feminin as log hair, so most guys don't like it. Plus, really short hair really doesn't suit every girl, so after all: No surprise here...

90%? 90%?! Really? Because that seems a little high.

the first look cant manage to form the whole picture. It gives the other party an idea but nothing more.

Thank you for making a blind assumption with a bullshit made-up-on-the-spot statistic. 314159265% of your comment is bullshit. 100% of females with short hair are more feminine than females with "log hair".

35% of women look good with no hair. Just because I felt like it, that's why. :)

43, Dont be an ass, she's not ugly. Also, I find short hair to be extremely cute. Not super short, but when it falls somewhere between the bottom of the ears and the neck, I love it. So yeah...

95% of statistics are made up on the spot :)

'Barney how come every time you make up a statistic it's 83%?'

what do you expect with statistics its an approximation and probably quite an accurate one, also 52 of course you should care what men think is attractive (if your straight of course) as its men that you would want to find you attractive. just as men have to worry about what women find attractive (again if their straight)

Barney Stinson! That guy's awesome! Awesomeawesomeawesomeawesomeawesomeawesomeawesomeawesomeawesomeawesome...

Short hair may look good on some women, but those woman look better (and are more feminine) with long hair :)

#182 Short hair can be plenty feminine. There's a major difference between a short, feminine haircut and a short boy-style cut. Even pixie cuts can be feminine when styled in certain ways.

4% of women have hair.

You thought that stare meant he was taken aback by how cute it was? Well, at least you're confident.

yea too confident. usually the person being speechless has a facial expression to show how they feel or are reacting to it. probably a shocked oh hell no look i believe

If your boyfriend doesn't want you I'll have you, OP.

Somehow I doubt that's going to happen.

Yeah, she'd probably be put off by my insistance on using minifridges during lovemaking. :( People are so picky nowadays.

Looks like this relationship might be cut short because your new hairstyle is a buzz kill.

Hopefully, their relationship is just getting trimmed up.