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Today, I got a splinter in my shop class. The teacher dug at it with tweezers for a while, then told me that my best bet would be to wait until the wound got infected and formed a bunch of pus around the splinter to force it out. It's in my dominant hand's palm. FML
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You have two choices here. You could either listen to your teacher, or go see a qualified doctor.

Cut your whole hand off OP. Trust me, I'm a doctor.


Soak your hand in water for awhile, and then try to get it out again. If that doesn't work, it'll come out naturally soon.

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I never understood why people use tweezers for this. A sewing needle always worked better for me.

It's just a's not like a stake is in your hand. It'll come out when you shower most likely.

Something UNDER your skin doesn't just wash away...

Yes, it does. I have had many a splinter in my 22 years on this planet and they all go away naturally. Don't be so freaking dramatic.

Lol that doesn't mean it came out in the shower. It means that your body pushed it out, naturally.

It really depends on what type of splinter it is. Some kinds of wood can give really nasty infections

You have two choices here. You could either listen to your teacher, or go see a qualified doctor.

Now, now. Watch yourself trying to give rational advice. tsk tsk.

Yes. Run to the Dr over a splinter. Bunch of cry babies. Quick down vote me.

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Maybe the school nurse would be a better bet?

I wouldn't be surprised if the nurse was a worse bet. At my school the nurse is just the receptionist and she's not even allowed to touch the students or administer medicine. She had band aids and holds people's prescription meds in case of emergencies. Still though, if it's bad, see a real doctor

that's great. just bandage up your hand and use it as an excuse to not do your school work.

Cut your whole hand off OP. Trust me, I'm a doctor.

doctor: quick give me the axe nurse! nurse: why!? doctor: because i got to chop off this boys hand!

"wait until the wound gets infected" uh... what?

Figure out which way it went in, then use a credit card or something similar to provide constant, even pressure and force it out. You could also soak it in water for a while. Just don't wait to get an infection; there's a reason he's a teacher and not a doctor.

Still kind of disconcerting because he's a teacher who is probably mandated to take some sort of first aid training. I had a teacher that was hospitalized for the same reason. she ended up losing her finger.

I literally have had a splinter in one of my fingers for years. My body encapsulated it somehow, I sometimes make jokes about it as functioning as a second bone

I got a shard of glass pushed into my thumb when I was 5. We couldn't get it out. It's still there.

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Does the glass shard hurt?

I got a 1.5-inch splinter completely wedged under my fingernail once, and that's actually one of the choices the ER doctor gave me. He said they could either anesthetize my finger and dig it out with a giant needle (which is what I ended up choosing), or I could wait for it to get infected and see if the pus pushed it out. He also said that it could stay wedged in there, get infected, and not come out on its own, at which point I'd have to go back to the doctor and have them dig it out while it was infected. So, go to the doctor.

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Well, guess you won't be spanking the monkey with that hand any time soon, huh?