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Ah mystery shopper, the bane of any retail workers life. My employer is just as stupid. Things like 'bye bye'=wrong but 'bye'=good. Stupid company.

aaagh, mystery shoppers. Hate them.


aaagh, mystery shoppers. Hate them.

omg your one of the first people to post an actual comment instead of "first." kudos. but yeah, mystery shops suck. its even worse when you get hit for not greeting them even though you're virtually the only one taking care of 5 different actual customers.

I agree! The only thing worse than saying first is the people who yell at the person for saying first, and the only thing worst than that is the people who comment that the person didn't say first. No pleasing people. Damn! I just became one of those people! lol

Seriously. I'd rather have a sincere "have a nice day" than a scripted "thank you." : I remember working at McArch's and when we had our yearly review I had to plaster a smile the whole damn time corporate was there. If we weren't smiling when interacting with the customer, we lost points. It was so forced and fake. Bleh.

I don't understand why people hate mystery shoppers. I've worked beyond full time while going to school for 7 hours a day, so don't give me that bs about how it's different on your end. I've also done mystery shopping, and we also have guidelines from YOUR corporation that we have to follow. We don't get paid if we miss a detail, while you're still getting paid whether you messed up or not. If you fail to follow corporate policy, then that's your problem. If you have a problem with your store's policies, then blame whoever you're working for.

Hey Impact, you know in a situation like the OP's, the mystery shopper could've just put down that he said "Thank You." How hard is that, really? It's not like he deviated to a point where what he said was out of line or anything.

The fact remains that the OP didn't say, "Thank you." Many companies tell mystery shoppers to specifically look for a "Thank you," while some just want what the employee last said to us verbatim. We state the facts, the company evaluates its own employees in that part specifically (since we do evaluate many things in other areas).

I agree. Those guys are strict.

I agree with #101. If they're being sincere, then why does it matter? The difference between "thank you" and "have a nice day, take care" is minute, and beside the point. If you know that it's going to keep a person from getting a raise that they probably need in this shit economy, I don't see why it would be such a big deal. If I were a mystery shopper, I wouldn't be so hard on people It's not like anyone is going to know someone said "have a nice day" to me instead of "thank you" unless I want to be a bitch about it and write it down.

Do you work for Mosaic? sounds like somthing they would do.

It's wasn't a raise it was a bonus. Totally different, and um mystery shoppers are normaly assholes they really don't care about u they just wanna get paid them selves. Ya, it's a shot economy but u gotta look at for you that's all re bitch was doing. I fuckin hate them niggers.

lol Yes you did :P

@101 As a matter of fact, if I don't do do my job correctly then I won't get paid. Yes I'd rather look out for myself than somebody else; that's life. Pictures and voice recordings are used a lot in these situations. Think about it this way, if you hired somebody to provide you with information, wouldn't you want it to be as accurate as possible? Blame the company; don't blame the people doing their jobs. I'd let the guy pass if it was up to me, but the fact is that it isn't.

ha listen to 12 #10 also take your advice also sorry needed to say that anyway I think that you were doing a hood thing and going out of your way to be more polite

this may have already been posted but mystery shoppers need to point out every flaw or else they will be considered "useless" and noone will hire them... if i were a mystery shopper and i said "oh yeah everythings perfect here" i wouldnt have done anything to earn my pay

Impact009- i highly doubt that the company will simply not pay you for getting a minor detail wrong, unless you are paid under the table. And it is a dick move to cause greed over something so small. I agree the life is dog eat dog but the way your going your bot going to get very far with no help an just a bunch of people like you agreeing with you hundreds of miles away. Oh and before you say your a bilionare, i call BS. This has been a public service announcement, don't be a douche.

sue the company

thats not gonna help....

A lawyer would cost a lot more than $150.

that's total bullshit dude. you should take that up with management

if you orally please your boss,i'm sure it can be overlooked. its not prostitution if its your money

You sir, are awesome.

Ah mystery shopper, the bane of any retail workers life. My employer is just as stupid. Things like 'bye bye'=wrong but 'bye'=good. Stupid company.

I agree. unfortunately, mystery shoppers don't grade that way. Their checklist goes along the lines of greet customer, inform of promotions, offer assistance, offer credit card/perks card, timely manner, thank, and invite back. And... it is usually hit or miss. You can't get credit for almost doing it right.

This is sooo wrong... I'm glad we don't have that kind of stupid word by word policy in France (at least, not yet !)

that's really unfair! ):

Some how I doubt that's what cost you your bonus it had to of been something else

Maybe if you knew the difference between "of" and "have" your statement would be somewhat more credible.

Actually, it could have been. At our restaurant, you get a $100 dollar bonus if you get a 100 on a shop. 99%? Nothing. 89% gets you retrained. 79% and you're suspended (which is fair enough). However, here's a list of things "you" can miss. - If the manager doesn't visit your table, it's minus five points. - If the kitchen messes up the food, that'll get you in trouble. - If the food runner messes you up, you can lose more points. - If the bathrooms are a mess, it's your points even if bathrooms aren't your assigned sidework. I believe the stupidest thing we ever had points marked off for is - truly - that our "food costs where too high". It was a written in complaint. I didn't even know they could take away points for something our store had no control over! I have scored fairly well over all, but tend to get 99%. My biggest problem is always saying "Thank you. Have a good night, guys." What we're scripted to say is "Thank you, have a good night, come back and see us." Now for most customers, I'm already yelling " -OD NIGHT!" at a closed door, since acknowledging me as a human presents would be bellow them. My manager actually printed out a strip reading "come back and see us!" and taped it up just for me. *Sigh*

What an idiot customer, to file a report for that. I think what you said is nicer, anyway. You deserve the bonus.

idiot customer? file a report? A secret shopper is someone employed to observe how employees handle customers.

Which is why he should file a report... Because he thinks the way it was handled was unfair...

Kenny is saying that it was dumb for the idiot customer to file a report.. I am merely informing him that it wasn't a customer filing a report but rather a secret shopper doing their job. I don't know what you are talking about coloredwax...

You now have to find this man/woman/something else and slap him/