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By  silentbabydeer  |  8

I hope for your and your boyfriend’s sake that it was false positive pregnancy test. But if it’s not an false positive pregnancy test, I don’t know what to say but congratulation?

  KittyMack  |  12

"Congratulations" on having their lives ruined? Ouch, needlessly nasty.
Ever heard the advice "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"? Learn it. Live it.

  RinoaHeartilly  |  36

Why hope for just their boyfriend's sake? She doesn't want it either so stuff it with your unwanted congratulations.

FYI: they edited their original comment to also include OP.


I don't know why people downvoted bl3ur0z3 . They're right. False positive are pretty much impossible (unless the test is faulty) because the pregnancy test reacts to HCG hormones (the pregnancy hormones).
False negatives on the other hand are a possibility if you test too early of if your hormone level is too low to be picked up.

By  nentenkupo  |  16

Op here, this was posted long after I submitted it. I took an ultrasound and I am in fact pregnant. Getting an abortion is very hard in my state but we are not giving up.

  Rabite  |  28

I wish you the best of luck. Can't imagine how horrible this must be and it gets me so angry about what is done to all the women in the US.

  Kbrown1023  |  1

If you ever consider adoption, it's an incredible decision. My husband and I are considering adoption to grow our family. There is so much support out there. I wish you the best and send good vibes in this very challenging time. I totally know what it's like to be unexpectedly expecting. If you would like to reach out just let me know!

By  ViviMage  |  38

I have PCOS and may never even have kids, but my fiancé and I decided we don't want our biological kids (I had cancer, he has Crohn's, and it appears to be genetic on both counts)

If it's too late or too hard to get an abortion, have the child and drop it off at any hospital ER or fire station, or ask your ob-gyn about adoption options.

Me personally? I'd want the abortion. And see if your neighboring state will do it if you drive over the state border for an abortion.

By  fluffy_gummybear  |  11

It could be a false positive? I mean, bc isn't always the most reliable even when taken properly, but unless the condom broke, I find it hard to believe that both would have failed you. However, you still have options so keep that in mind.

  KittyMack  |  12

Easier said than done. I've heard a million stories about doctors refusing to sterilize women with such condescending excuses as "Maybe when you meet The Right Guy he will not want you if you can't provide kids" or "You may change your mind" or "You're too young (ie premenopausal) to make such a permanent decision" (note that it's almost unheard of to get these latter two comments upon announcing you're attempting to get pregnant, though they'd apply just as much!). I've even heard of a few instances of, "Sure a pregnancy could kill you, but motherhood is the whole point of a woman's life so it's worth the risk".

I was incredibly lucky and got fixed by the first Dr I asked, at only 23. I'm 43 now and still haven't met a single other woman as lucky though. Odds are not great.

Seems that dudes get a lot more respect from doctors, and can often get fixed without an argument.

So it's most likely only the BF could get snipped. But yeah, both of them should try!

By  meegal  |  12

So don't keep it. I don't want kids either. If I ever got a girl pregnant i'd highly recommend an abortion. Of course I would never force her to get one but i'd suggest it. Or put it up for adoption. But then you'd have to carry it for 9 months and be miserable.


I have to be completely honest here and people are gonna hate me for this (not like I care)
if I got a girl pregnant and she didn't want an abortion or to give the child up for adoption

I would be one of those guys who just disappears and never shows his face within 50 miles of that girl

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