By assdialed. - 04/11/2009 05:15 - United States

Today, I got a phone call from my dad that I haven't heard from in months. I didn't answer, but it left me an accidental voicemail saying "Oh s***, I didn't mean to call her!" FML
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Couldn't seem to let this pass Without agreeing your dad is an ass!

For those who this does actually happen to and its not back and say "Oh shit I didn't want you as my father". Hehe. Then they'll know how it feels to be disrespected.


*not first* The real question is: How many dads do you have, OP? Also, why are there suddenly many FMLs about "I hadn't heard from my dad in months and he called me accidentally or to yell about sports and hang up"?

not to mention the fact that none of those complaining bitches called their father in months neither, then they come here complaining about them

EXACTLY!!!!! Besides, ur dad has been talking to u for 18 years. Don't u think he deserves a break from being bumbarded by his kids for at least the next 18 years?

I don't think people (you) should say crap like that because some of us can't help it that our Dad's don't want to talk to us and it hurts and unless you know how it feels you won't understand....I'm thinking you need to shut your mouth and begin to respect others feelings! Thank You! :)

Duh. That's wat ivwas saying. Ur dad doesn't want to talk to u. So deal wit it. Bsides, I know all about dads not talkin to their kids. U don't see me whining. Grow a sac.

Maybe he'd call you more often if you stopped referring to him as an object ("that"..."it") and started using right pronouns when talking about him.

your comment made me laugh and laugh. i'm still laughing. Man, that's funny!

awe i thought i was first o well #1 kuddos for u

Second AND Third

That sucks. FYL

I hope my dad never calls me!

Haha Sammme... :P

i third that!

My dad sends me an e-mail once every couple of years :p

Lmfao! Definitely FYL!

So what! Just because your dad misdialed, it's not a FML. And you could have called him in those months.

How do you know their dad wasn't ignoring them? I mean phone calls do go both ways.

Oh the end of the world. What did you do? Or what did he do? You need to work this out if you want him in your life. If not then get over it.

Couldn't seem to let this pass Without agreeing your dad is an ass!

I am sorry your dad is a jerk But he left a message--that's a perk.