By DumpedHisAss - 14/10/2009 15:19 - United States

Today, I got a phone call from my boyfriend, who screamed at me for being a f-ing liar and never taking time for him. He'd called my work and knew I wasn't there as I said I'd be. He was right - I was lying. I'd been driving for the past 10 hours to his family's beach house to surprise him. FML
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People don't seem to understand that there's good lying and bad lying. Good lying is normally done so people can prepare surprises for others. Bad lying is things like covering up that they cheated on their lover with someone they met randomly.

Wow. That's quite the overreaction.


That totally blows... he shouldn't have made assumptions. Edit: My third first on the site without even trying... cool?

So, you dumped him cause you lied to him and he found out. you women are fucked up in the brains

Hold were driving 10 hours to the beachhouse assuming the family would be fine with you staying there? And why did you have to lie if you were just driving? Just say you were chillin' at home..there seems to be too many problems with this FML

she didnt say she dumped him. and men are fucked up screaming at her like that without asking for an explanation. wouldve loved to have seen his face when she showed up at his front door.

Mixed views here. It was the man's right to be angry; however, that doesn't justify yelling at her without asking for an explanation properly. Second, she did dump him. Look at her username. I understand where her reaction was coming from. I would be annoyed as hell if I had to drive for more than 10 hours and get yelled at. But she's exaggerating by dumping him for such a small misunderstanding. I doubt the man would be mad if he knew what actually happened. Too bad for the two of them.

Must agree with winged. Seriously what the hell at both of them. FREAK FUCKING OUT DRAMA SHE'S NOT AT WORK OH EM GEE WHAT A JERK HE CALLED ME ON MY BULLSHIT MUST DUMP NOW .... Actually, these two sound perfect for each other.

@31 her name is "DumpedHisAss" so yes she did say she dumped him

Men? Why do you say that; there are plenty of good men(like myself who don't do this). I've heard and experienced many more women that do this shit. Don't label everyone you dumb cunt. If you notice I didn't call all women dumb cunts, just you.

Damn! second! i always judged people who "firsted" until I saw this fml had just been posted right before i went one had was like it was meant to be. if only i'd been quicker with the mouse; i lost a once in a lifetime opportunity

what do I get for $20. Why was he calling to check on you at work? That seems supiciously like obsession. YDI for dating cry babies.

What an ass.

It is pretty magical. The playground here is two stories and they sell circle beds. Some days, I wish I could bring a scooter in when I want to go shopping. Seriously.

im sorry :(

Wow. That's quite the overreaction.

what have we learned from this? just dont suprise or scare people. You'll end up like Bill Murray, with a giant hole in your chest.

awesome,zombie land

well, he ruined that. :/

then you tell him to chill out and that you'll see him shortly. not an fml.