By Pho_Rheal - United States
Today, I got a phone call for a interview at Target at 4:30 pm. I got super excited, so I got dressed up and headed over there. I tell the manager that I am there for my interview. He doesn't know what I'm talking about. My friends had prank called me. FML
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  01100110  |  0

This is a reply to anybody that ever worked/works at target knows it's the WORST place to work. I now work at home depot, and it is over infinity times better than working at the place you call target. They called me to try to get me to come back I didn't even pick up. You are so lucky, next time you shop at target look at the employees and tell me they look happy. CIHYFS is the worst idea ever.

  birds_fml  |  7

Yeah I worked at Target last year over the holidays... despite the fact that I have 10 years of experience in retail, they paid worse than any job I've had since McDonald's. Target sucks. Apply at Walgreen's... they pay better and have decent health insurance. If you work in the cosmetics department you can even make a bit of commission.

  ProtoBuster_1  |  5

I worked at Target for 2 years (2004-2006). In that time period, I was harassed by a religious nutcase (for those who don't know, we wear red shirts and he equated red with Satan), cussed out by parents who purchased M-rated video games for their child/children who were underage and didn't realize it at first, continually put on the evening shift in worst possible area (Electronics) and having to clean up after customers who don't treat their own homes much better, etc. I was happy as hell when I quit.

  tukies  |  28

Yup worked at Target for four years. Get me through my college years. By far the worst job I have ever had. The manager got all mad when I put my two weeks in. I just went take care of your employees better.