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  goshpeople  |  4

It seems kind of weird that the old lady would just volunteer that information when it appears that the OP didn't even talk to her beforehand. She must be a compulsive one-upper to try to one-up a person who didn't say anything.

Or just really wanted to tell someone she crapped her pants.

  noelykins1  |  19

or possibly she was in the stall and was about to shit but ended up pooping her pants cause she wasn't quick enough to take odd her pants she could of also been wearing a belt


that's what I thought but I just assumed the lady was talking about her shit coming out in the wash since she said it right after mentioning that she shit her pants. could be either one though :)

  jessicahpippi  |  7

I saw your picture and was amazed that you like Brand New. Kudos to you stranger.
And I really don't care how many negatives I get for this since it doesn't relate to the topic.
That is all.