By stephiew - 14/07/2011 03:15 - United States

Today, I got a nose bleed in the ladies bathroom. An old lady comes out of a stall and says, "Oh, your nose is bleeding. Well I shit my pants. I'm sure it'll come out in the wash." FML
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Nothing like a 1-upper.

TheKareBear 0

ah.. old people these days.


Nothing like a 1-upper.

cc_the_beast 6

Touché old lady...touché.

CatEyes66 0

Well did she make you feel way better about your nose bleed?

old people are so 'cute'

dummbrunette 0

I'm sorry, was my Grandma Jill bothering you? Don't worry, she does this to everyone she meets and tells them the same story.'s true. All the time.

Haha, she was just trying to make you feel better!! FYL though, nosebleeds suck:(

It seems kind of weird that the old lady would just volunteer that information when it appears that the OP didn't even talk to her beforehand. She must be a compulsive one-upper to try to one-up a person who didn't say anything. Or just really wanted to tell someone she crapped her pants.

super mario!(:

anjelicjazzy 6

im sure you felt better though (:


erm.. need a tissue?

that's attractive


this kinda reminds me of how my grandmother would try to comfort someone, ha,

that's how grandma does it, she brings up shit that doesnt have to do with anything to make you feel better, Gotta love em.

this fml is fake. Women don't poop. even old ones. theyre food magically dissapears in their stomach. I thought everyone knew this?

71# Dont be a sexist bitch

nonelikeworms 0

74, no need to be a nonsexist bitch

lcecreamNSadness 2

That's what FML is all about, isn't it? And we are a bunch of sadists, aren't we?

tjv3 10

that an fml for the old lady

Junicarie 3

I like elderly people and the stuff they say.


I wanna party with her!!!

ImaWiseGuy 5

elders tend to have sound logic behind there reasonings...

whybother8 0


trust pink, forget stains

lcecreamNSadness 2

Did u get paid already?

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lcecreamNSadness 2

Ya,the same 50 bucks you paid over the time ,which they used in mass advertisement campaigns.

advertisement campaigns- we couldn't live without them. yep just pocketed $150

lcecreamNSadness 2

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guess grandma's situation is more of a FML then op's..

lcecreamNSadness 2

TMI. ^I wonder how this hasn't been used till now!

joefrazier 20

things like that people shouldn't know

TheKareBear 0

ah.. old people these days.

daydreamer244 13

ewwww.....y wud she shit her pants in a bathroom??? uck thts just gross...

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

lol would you rather she shit her pants in front of everyone? anyways I'm assuming she DID shit her pants outside of the bathroom and came in there to clean up.

daydreamer244 13

ohhh well tht kinda makes sense....:P

you must be a bright individual...maybe she is in there cleaning her shit up...hey stoopid

daydreamer244 13

don't b an ass ok I am bright just slightly slow!!!!

noelykins1 19

or possibly she was in the stall and was about to shit but ended up pooping her pants cause she wasn't quick enough to take odd her pants she could of also been wearing a belt

37- your comment,"I am bright just a little slow" makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

martafarta 5

your an idiot, thats what the fucking bathroom is foor, SHITTING.

you're... for... that is all.

I assume she's in the bathroom cleaning up her accident...

Ah old people, always brightening everyone's day

lizardlols 0

I think technically, she was shitting on the day.

yomama97 5

old people are fucking awesome -.-

samanthanicolee 0

wait.. will the blood or the poop come out in the wash?

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

seriously dude, would OP wash her nose in a washing machine?

she could have blood on her shirt from where it was dripping

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

that's what I thought but I just assumed the lady was talking about her shit coming out in the wash since she said it right after mentioning that she shit her pants. could be either one though :)

blood goes out in cold water anyway

I saw your picture and was amazed that you like Brand New. Kudos to you stranger. And I really don't care how many negatives I get for this since it doesn't relate to the topic. That is all.

The shit will

foilindo 0

I think that she's got it a lot worse than you!!! lol. hope she doesn't have to use public transportation!!! lol

your picture is do cute!

Whoops that was meant for another comment...