By randomusername99 - 05/05/2014 21:51 - United States - Brooklyn

Today, I got a new dentist. You know how most dentists play soft, relaxing music? Well this guy seems to like rap a lot, and it's kinda hard getting your teeth cleaned to the sound of bullets going off. FML
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No one will suspect a thing when the bullets do go off for real, master plan!

Good thing he's not playin heavy metal, you might start head banging while getting your teeth drilled! Yikes!!


I guess he needs to get into his mojo and rap makes him work wonders with the still obviously!

"I'll take you to the candy shop...I'll let you lick the lollipop..." Is that even appropriate for the dentist?

No, but that's what happens when you've done one too many "grills".

#24, that was the best comment ever

I wish there was some sort of a button or something to show someone made "the best comment ever"...

#55 How original, haven't seen that witty, sarcastic comment written about 100 times already.

Straight outta cuticle...a crazy muthafucker named molar

To say "best comment ever" click the thumb up symbol. When you and others click this it helps push that comment to show as the best. Eventually will aggravate to top FMLs / fml posts. Of course you could just remain the type of person kicking the exit only door crying the idiots arent open

"Started from the bottom now we...." Oh wait.....

"As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death/ I take a look at your teeth and realize there's nothin' left?"

At least it's better than dubstep! Imagine "dropping the drill." no?

I'd honestly rather hear dubstep.

\ 28

Dubstep is probably more unnerving than rap in a dentist setting. Two-thirds of it sounds like drills. Painful, painful drills.

I honestly can't remember a dentist I went to ever playing music while they worked. Is that odd?

Id choose anything over Dubstep. If he's going to play Dubstep, screw numbing, let the pain drown out the music lol. Whether they play music depends on the dentist. When I was in the army most dentists played music, but off base not playing music seemed to be the norm.

40: It's nice to see someone sharing their opinion without degrading others that have the opposite opinion.

No one will suspect a thing when the bullets do go off for real, master plan!

Good thing he's not playin heavy metal, you might start head banging while getting your teeth drilled! Yikes!!

Let's just hope that the dentist isn't the OP from the previous FML (the one with the bird in the wall) because I wouldn't trust him with a drill.

its funny because when my teeth get drilled I can barely hear anything else other than the thoughts of pain

12, where did you get OP from the previous FML being a dentist from?

I'd prefer heavy metal over rap lmfao!!!

#27 seriously? because they both like to drill things into oblivion...

@31 I totally agree with you. I would much rather hear metal than rap.

You misread my comment. There is an FML about a guy drilling a hole in a wall to save a bird but he drilled the bird and killed it by accident. I was just making a joke about hoping the dentist isn't that guy since he killed something with a drill.

How hard is it to sit there with your mouth open regardless of what music is playing? Let the Dentist choose what he works best to. Just sayin'...

To be fair the sound of gun shots can scare people.

It's about customer service and professionalism which was clearly not displayed. Patients coming to get work done on their teeth is what keeps him in business.

I agree completely, that and if OP really did have a problem with it I'm sure he could have asked his dentist to change it.

What does the dentists taste in music have to do with customer service and professionalism?

maybe he likes to scrape to the beat.

39- Dude, look at your calendar. Its 2014. Most rap music is about busting the pussy open and rolling blunts. Not exactly professional. Unless he's listening to Will Smith or Kids Bop, the music probably isn't exactly appropriate for the office.

Introduce him to socially conscious rap. You know, the rap that gets no air play because everybody and their fucking grandmother is listening to gangster rap. </rant>

I'd rather have gangsta rap than smooth jazz, which is what my dentist plays. jealous

53, you don't know what kind of rap he likes.

It has nothing to do with how efficiently he does his job, but the image his office projects.

OP was unsettled by it, so I wouldn't be surprised if others are as well. I know my mom would feel very uncomfortable. It's about marketing to all audiences and rap (that includes gunshots), would not be projecting a professional image. Personally I would think it's badass. But not everyone will.

Most offices, work areas only allow a certain type of music which is considered "maintaining professionalism". It's usually a light rock radio station with some pop music. Like k lite fm. Rap, metal, dubstep is very unprofessional and should not be played at that type of work space

My dentist plays classical music, pretty sure that's the epitome of professionalism. It does put me to sleep though...

53-you're listening to the wrong kind of rap then :p I can agree on the garbage that gets promoted these days not being played there, but the rap not getting promoted that is 1000x better like 56 suggested or old school rap would be ok. Id be happy with blues or jazz too though. You can't really choose music types and label them professional though. Not everyone has the same tastes. Classical music puts me to sleep and I can't stand country, but someone else may only like classical/country. You aren't there for the music choice and honestly if you would drop a good dentist for a music choice, you're the one that needs a lesson in professionalism. If I found an amazing dentist that only listened to country Id be there every time I need a dentist.

Hey he's the best guy to go to if you ever want a gold tooth!

Could be worse, OP. He could like Justin Bieber.

Well, it's up to him what to listen to, but you can always suggest something else. Honestly, how bad can 20-30 minutes tops of some music you don't enjoy in the background be? You don't go there everyday (I'm assuming). Seems like a minor annoyance, not a big FML.

He's just trying to set the mood!! Pretty sure he's going for ' don't worry, im just drilling your teeth, it could be worse..atleast youre not getting shot you know, so relaaaxx' ... That or he just likes rap

To be honest it wouldn't bug me at all since I listen to rap often. But I can see how it can be intimidating or scary. Don't worry about it OP I'm sure everything went well considering you posted this.