By catcraze - 20/05/2013 23:23 - United States - Denver

Today, I got a new cat. It was fine for a couple of hours until it gave birth in my kitchen. The seller claims to have no idea that it was pregnant. Now I have to take care of 7 cats instead of 2. FML
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How did YOU not know it was pregnant? Or did you just think you were buying a firmly fat cat?

Well meow, that sucks.


Well meow, that sucks.

Dairyking 8

Maybe I'm mistaken, but wasn't there already another FML story about this very thing? Kind of recently, too, I believe....

I kind of see what you did there... and the more the merrier eh?

flockz 19

two more and you can become the creepy cat lady/man.

Well OP can look at it this way: Buy 2 get 5 free!

Wait, nine cats makes you the cat lady? I have thirteen. Guess I'm the insane one.

Stiggy626 25

7.... they said 7

I thought you needed twenty or more and be forever single for admission to that club?

Since when did the requirement become 9 cats?

I lived next to a lady that had 27. I don't know if she really had that many, but the smell of ammonia was horrific.

Stiggy626 25

I think it's funny how they say 7 and everyone jumps numbers like they just appeared or something

You didn't think to ask if it was spayed or neutered? Cats are awesome but I'm sorry you have 7 instead of the desired 2 :/

did you know that people can lie because they can do that. If they did ask, the seller probably lied and was trying to get rid of a gross pregnant cat

Perhaps OP knew it wasn't spayed (as it gave birth, it's presumably female so wouldn't have been neutered); that does not necessarily mean it's pregnant, and it's the sort of thing a new pet owner usually covers with the vet on the "I just got a new pet" visit. Oh, and OP? Congrats on the new pet and her family, but you probably want to get her (and any kittens you're keeping) fixed as soon as your vet tells you it's okay to do so.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#18- Pregnant animals are gross now?

Now you get* to take care of 7 cats!!

larsak 3

I appreciate your enthusiasm so obviously I "liked" your comment! Congrats!

#4 that was the most annoying grammar correction comment i have read on FML

FlowerMama 20

99 - I don't think it was a grammatical correction so much as encouragement to look at the situation from the bright side: GETTING to take care of those sweet kittens, rather than HAVING to do it. Hard work? Yes. Messy? Probably. Potentially expensive? Could be. But it could also be a rewarding situation full of lots of cuteness until they find new homes. :)

How did YOU not know it was pregnant? Or did you just think you were buying a firmly fat cat?

Maybe she wasn't very fat when OP got her

14 - OP got her only a few hours before she gave birth. The cat would hardly have been skinny.

Some cats are chubby and/or fluffy enough that it could be hard to tell if they were pregnant. If OP couldn't tell, it's at least narrowly possible that the seller also couldn't tell -- but somewhat less likely, as one hopes the seller would've been noticing the cat's weight and size change at least somewhat, and most likely would have known that the cat had previously gone into heat.

I didn't realize my cat was pregnant until she day on my husband's lap and a kitten started coming out. Sometimes it's not obvious. It happens.

Sorry, I read it wrong

It is very easy to determine a pregnant cat if you look at the tits.

perdix 29

#5, maybe the OP is a "chubby chaser." Some people are into that -- BBPs, big, beautiful pussies.

All I was meaning was that some cats are just really fat, so perhaps this cat was really fat!

Especially young animals often show no belly when pregnant. The same happened to me with a rat, only 2 days before the birth I got suspicous about her tummy.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask how you couldn't tell the cat was least kittens are awesome!

Especially young animals often show no belly when pregnant. The same happened to me with a rat, only 2 days before the birth I got suspicous about her tummy.

Hey, be optimistic! I bet those seven cats will eventually become "kewl kats".

QuinnyZebrass 11

OP should give every one of them a name beginning with K

As long as they're not named after the Kartrashians.

If you're not prepared to care for the kittens, spend the few weeks they will need to stay with the mother to find some good homes for them. You could give them to friends/colleagues, put ads online, etc. Or if all that fails, try to find an organization that will care for them until they can be adopted. Just please... don't put them out on the street. That's just cruel.

And not to mention a great inconvenience for everyone else.

The mama cat will do everything. I barely lifted a finger when my cat had kittens. He should keep them until they're old enough to be adopted (6-8 Weeks). Their chances of survival well be much barter that way.

Actually, it should be closer to 12 weeks, not 6. They're to young and often develop misbehaviour and wont learn how to cat if taken from mum to soon. And its nothing wrong having lots f kittens :) we foster-cared a rescue cat who gave birth to 4 lovely babies some years ago. We found great homes for the mother and 2 kittens and kept the 2 weakest ones ourself even though we already had adopted 2 from same rescue centre earlier. Wasn't planned, but never regretted the decision! Good luck OP :)

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Just to be safe, I definitely would keep them till 12 weeks as well. It may not be needed, but it would probably be beneficial. Also,

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Sorry, ran out of time to edit. Also, in response to #8, I have a friend whose cat had her 5th litter in 2 years or something ridiculous like that (they "can't afford" to spay her, in which case I think the cat should be given to someone who can care for her). Well, they took the litter of kittens and dropped them off in the park. In a box. Horrible people. At least take the defenseless kittens to the SPCA!

FlowerMama 20

58 - I had an ex-boyfriend who repeatedly let his cat get pregnant. At one point, the cat AND one of its kittens from a previous litter were both pregnant. It was ridiculous. I asked him how he could do that to his poor cats, and he said they "wouldn't go into heat if they weren't meant to get pregnant every time". I shot back that human women "go into heat" (have their cycles) around 12 times a year, on average; did that mean we're all supposed to get pregnant every time we ovulate (or, at least, every ovulation directly after a pregnancy)? He claimed it wasn't the same and refused to discuss the subject any further. He wouldn't listen when I told him it wears out the mama's body to be pregnant so often, and that the mom's life can be drastically shortened and made a lot harder, health-wise. He was a complete idiot.

Buy one, get 5 free!

Keep them. They're the making of a army.. Very cute army.

yeah :) but let them all be castrated!