By Stilljobless - United Kingdom
Today, I got a missed call from a job that I really really want. I completely forgot that my answer machine message was a ridiculous and rude poem that I recorded previously when I was drunk. Somehow I don't think I'll be getting a call back. FML
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By  idkweird  |  0

YDI. Everyone knows that when you are looking for a job, you need to change your phone so it doesn't do ringback tones and change your voicemail message so it sounds professional.

I would say call them back and hope that they didn't really notice.

THAT oooooor, change your greeting. Call them and say you just wanted to follow up because you had never received a call. If they say they called, tell them they must have misdialed, because your phone has no missed calls or messages.

  Subtext  |  10

I don't think they'll judge you because of your answer machine message. Most people get drunk occasionally, even managers.

If this is the only drunk impression they got from you, it probably didn't matter ;)

  idkweird  |  0

Subtext: I can tell you from past experiences of bosses citing such messages, they DO pay attention, and they DO judge.

One of the girls here almost didn't get a second call back because she had a ringback tone and some weird message about being a secret agent. The ONLY reason she got the second call is because one of her friends works here.

Employers search out potential employees online, too. They are definitely trying to get a feel for the person before they decide to give them a chance. That message could have easily lost the OP their chance.

By  txgirl09  |  5

@idkweird. You clever so-and-so. It's genius in its simplicity. I hope the OP reads that in time to make it happen.

As for the OP, why would you ever have a message like that on a number you've given potential employers in the first place?
And no one should have to sit through some dumb poem you wrote every time they want to leave a message.

By  youthink_fml  |  0

I've had silly messages on my answering machine but never rude and I always change it if I'm hoping for a professional call. Stupid people deserve what they get as do people that do stupid things when drunk.