By Anonymous - United States
Today, I got a letter of complaint from my landlord. It said my loud, obnoxious trampling is disturbing my downstairs neighbor, and I have to stop. I'm small and hardly weigh anything, but it seems that if I want to keep my lease, I'll have to master the art of levitating. FML
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  fymother  |  13

You can definitely be "small" and make a lot of noise. I grew up in a condominium so I learned how to walk quietly, but most folks walk heel-first instead of on the balls of their feet. Then it doesn't take much for quick little footsteps to echo through the structural parts of the house.

  bizarre_ftw  |  21

71 - Excuse me! I have a friend who disappears when she turns sideways!
Then again, she is a ginger, they have a tendency to be anomalies... :)
(note: gingers are awesome and shall take over the world)

  primadonna9396  |  16

It's definitely possible. one of my housemates is a 5'0" Asian girl, 90 lbs at most, and she sounds like an elephant going up the stairs. Her (slightly larger) sister doesn't though, so it must be the way she walks.