By cricha4208 - United States - Springfield
Today, I got a Facebook message from a cute guy I used to work with. He admitted to liking me and when I asked why we never hung out he admitted that my dad, his boss at the time, threatened every guy I have ever worked with. FML
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  tygerarmy  |  35

Without knowing how old the OP we don't know if the dad was being protective or overprotective of his daughter.
But especially dependent on the type of business it is, he's protecting the workplace from drama should they fight or break up.
But overall I agree, awesome dad.

  VeganVampyre  |  26

I'm with 68. Being protective of your daughter is great, even being a little over protective isn't the worst thing ever. But this dad is threatening people, and not even just anyone, but his employees! You cannot threaten your employees! That is harassment / assault and it is illegal as well as being an asshole thing to do. You can be protective without being a jerk to others.


all of you guys thumbing down comments where they say the dad is out of line; I'm pretty sure you guys would be pissed if your parents threatened any person that had any interest in you to the point they couldn't flirt or go out with you. just saying.


It may seem sweet on the surface, but it's better if a parent provides guidance rather than trying to stop the inevitable. If she's getting involved with someone who's clearly dangerous, then it makes sense to interfere, but if every guy who might try to talk to her is threatened, that's just stopping her from learning how to form normal relationships with guys.

  xNephilim  |  18

That's the same logic some parents have used for locking their kids up and not allowing them to go anywhere. Terrible logic, really. If daddy loves me, he lets me make my own decisions - within reason.

  arandomusernameaa  |  20

over protective*