By laxguy23 - United States
Today, I got a email from my boss. He said he was going to have to let me go for missing so much work over the last week. I was laid off two months ago. I don't know what is more depressing, getting fired from a job twice or the fact it took two months for them to notice I wasn't there anymore. FML
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By  The_Khan  |  12

If it took 2 months for the work you were hired to do piled up so much it became noticable, then I suppose you really were let go because there was not enough work to support the position.

Therefore, might be evidence you losing the job was not anyones fault.

By  so_me_fml  |  0

They thought you'd missed too much work over the last WEEK???? And you were fired 2 MONTHS ago!? Wow this is probably the most observant employer EVER.

Sorry about the layoff(s?) though. Man, that must be rough :(

By  shaPOW  |  0

ok, you weren't fired twice, you were laid off once and "fired" after that. they probably just lost some of their documents and you didn't get removed from the system. this should be relatively easy to keep off your permanent record though, since it was an obvious mistake.

also, i agree with #3. good luck finding another job!

By  rukusrazor  |  0

Wow, just thank your lucky stars you're outta that place. If they have that little grasp of what goes on in the workplace on a daily basis, they will not succeed.