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  ATLBOI770  |  0

call ghost hunters i think that is there name

  violetdabomb  |  0

Am I the only one who wouldn't get scared if it happened to me? o.o
I mean... like it's not like it's a horror movie so chill everyone.


Ok, so say your house was haunted by a little girl? So what. You've probably lived there for a while without knowing such. Nothings different just because you know. It's not like she's going to kill you or paralyze you with fear. Do some research, get a psychic. Also, get a lie detector just to be safe from that neighbor of yours, she could be trollin you...

  fthislyfe  |  22

yes IDK why! Women, and kids. they're scary! really! men are not really scary. when they're trying to make an extremely terrifying horror movie, they usually have female characters. especially kids...why's that?

  Mysanitywins  |  10

No real idea, but the feeling of Silent Hill, and the story just makes me speechless, it's just so epic. Silent hill has to be one of the best game series I played.

  Shadow73  |  13

They use women and children to make them seem more vulnerable. This adds to the suspense and makes it all the more epic when they beat the killer/monster.


the murders did indeed happen. as for insanity- it's possible if the house was older (which it was) it was leaking lead, chromium, arsenic or any number of heavy metal poisons which used to be used in construction and can cause insanity.