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We need more information before we can judge this FML, he may have had diarrhea from your food, for example.

S**t happens, right?


We need more information before we can judge this FML, he may have had diarrhea from your food, for example.

Indeed, it's a strange shituation.

More like FHL.

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Lol or he just farted and shit himself instead.. I know a guy..not saying who lol who did that twice in a week and he decided to stop farting after that lol.. Learned his lesson

If it's a one time thing I wouldn't write a FML about it, guessing he had his reasons. But on the other hand, if it happened before I would include that in the FML so not sure about this one.

Yeah he might of asked to go use the restroom, but you know some of those asshat teachers sometimes don't let you go.

Don't blame the teachers, blame the school regulations. I'd love to let every full-bladder pupil use the restroom whenever they want, but I'm not allowed to do so. (But pssh, whenever I have earned a permanent contract, I will let them go to the toilet, no matter what time it is. As interim it's just a little risky to be a rebel.)

Yes something similar happened to me one day after lunch. I was just really lucky my teacher let me go twice back to back...

shit happens..

I blame teachers... They say you can wait... No really I can't and I got a bladder infection when I was younger from this, but they can leave the class when ever to go to the bathroom

Could've been a shart. Can't blame anyone for those if an upset stomach in involved.

Yeah, sounds more like the FML belongs to the son than the parent. :/

35; One does not simply decide to stop farting.

Uh? Oh no #54 I wasn't blaming anyone in particular, I have no idea how you got teachers/regulators from my comment, because I didn't mention either one. Maybe you meant to reply to someone else? (Caution, the sarcasm is very strong in this post).

Plenty of things could've happened on his side of the story. Just waiting for his FML to be published next.

I agree. Also, everybody once and a while cant hold it. Embarrassing as it is, it happens.

That's my physics teacher(high school, by the way). We just say "I need to go to the restroom." We grab the pass (our schools regulations, can't be in the hall without a pass) and go.

That sucks, switch the school he goes too. Because that right there is just ammo for kids to bully him.

Naaw, I feel sorry for the poor guy ^^

Switch schools for an accident? Lol this isn't Vancouver.

I know someone who laughed so hard they peed and crap themselves. It was horrifying.

Think about how awkward that conversation had to be. *raises hand* ", I just shitted myself.."

At my school a guy shat himself at a party whilst talking to a girl he liked.

How do you shit yourself out loud?

#99 - Probably like "OH MY GOD I THINK I AM GOING TO SOIL MY PAN- I SHAT MYSELF EVERYONE." Something like that or she farted.

It also possibly could have been the teachers fault for not letting the kid go to the restroom. He couldn't hold it anymore.

#116 Your comment made my day! :)

S**t happens, right?

yet another over used shitty joke...

But this one I find quite funny and appropriate(i don't know if i spelled that right).

In this case, shit happened wrong.

Hahh. Mud butt. ;)

Is I just me or does his pic seem great for this comment? XD

TurtleSmile's picture is appropriate for all comments.

How embarrassing for your son. It's probably best to not ask him what happened. Just wait until he tells you himself.

She needs to ask. He may be sick, or someone could have done something to him.

Mike can be a girls name though right?!?

But the person said my son

Why didn't he just call you from his phone... He is in high school he probably has one.

When I was in high school if you called your parents from your phone during class you would get a bic so he did the right thing to avoid punishment.

10- they gave you a pen?

Well I would think if he sharted in his pants he'd go straight to the bathroom and hide while he gets a ride, not to the office so it can get around to the whole school. I dunno, I'd probably just kill myself if that happened to me, that's terrifying.

At my school we're allowed to have phones in class. I'm writing this right now, in class, with my teacher staring right at me, and she doesn't give a rat's ass.

greenie- same here, I'm writing this in office aide.

Lucky you, that is not allowed at all in France. Cellphones are forbidden in classes, even in the all school sometimes.

In Canada you aren't supposed to have a phone on class. But it depends on the teacher if they enforce that rule or not. Some will take your phone for the day or class. And some really don't care.

Yes, like usually us teenagers carry around our phones 24/7 so I just find it quite strange that he didn't. And if I shat my pants in school I would go to the bathroom, not the office... Anyways doesn't everyone get to go to the bathroom while having a class? Or is that just in Sweden?

109 - Why would being able to go to the bathroom during class time be exclusive to Sweden?

I had a phone in high school, but it wasn't as cool as phones are now, of course it was 12 years ago, lol

126- Well i don't know but most people that I talk to say they aren't allowed.

More like F his life, kids will never let him live that down!

True that. A kid I went to school with shit himself in 8th grade and the nickname/teasing followed him until college.

Ya people don't forget shit like that.

Yuh. Children can be cruel and unforgiving.

Don't worry OP, shit happens.

The school called and not him personally? Strange.

He'd have to get permission to leave school. In those circumstances, the office would call a parent or guardian. Speaking from experience as someone who had to leave school for the day because I dared someone to tip a bottle of Lucozade over my head... (dinky FMLers, don't get any ideas/cite me as your inspiration, please)

That must've been uncomfortable... And smelly. *shudders*

This is only an fml if he did it on purpose and is of sound mind.

If he's of sound mind it wouldn't have been done on purpose, those two conditions are entirely contradictory.