By madaskueuchiha - United States
Today, I got a call from my parents' divorce lawyer. When I answered the phone, she thought I was my mother and told me the details about my parent's divorce. I'm a 13-year-old boy who sounds like a woman and just learned that my parents are separating. FML
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  humorizer  |  14

V, yes, to an extent women tend to be a little better with grammar. Unless they're the kind that insists on playing dumb (i.e. the majority of the 'hot girls' that are scared of what'd happen if they actually try hard in school instead of flirting all day).

  Sushimomo  |  0

Yeah, but if you're talking about multiple objects (two parents in this situation) then it would be "parents'" not "parent's"
And I'm 13 and it bugs the crap out of me if people type with bad grammer or use aliterations like omg or brb. I'm all for saying Oh Mah Gawd though. Although I don't spell everything like that. Just words like baii and haii; Things of that matter


188, sorry, but what you just did bugs me more. "OMG" and "BRB" are not alliterations (the term that refers to a linguistic technique where two words in the same line or headline/title start with the same letter, e.g. Galloping Gargoyles), but abbreviations. I realise this is most likely a slip of the.... Hand on keyboard? But still... *twitch*

  miianah1  |  22

Actually, the "parent's" should have been "parents'" and the "my" in the last sentence should be "his". I'm not trying to say I'm better than OP or say that I have perfect grammar. I'm just giving you an fyi; you really don't need to applaud those who use "perfect" grammar on the Internet, or chastise those who don't. Especially when it's not perfect.

  0___0  |  9

Yeah, I started writing like that when I was 10, too. I wanted to not seem like I was actually a 10 year old, so I could get on the "older people" websites ;D. I'm 13 now, + u dnt c me wrin liek dis all da tiem. We're not all stupid.

  fudgerz  |  0

Hah spoken like a true 13 year old.. No, you are not smarter than most adults; Grow up please.

OP: That sucks to find out about it that way, but on the bright side your voice will deepen soon :)

  jnic  |  0

We're talking about academic smarts with that show, though, not street smarts. Of course the kids will be better at those subjects, because they're learning them NOW, as opposed to adults who learned them 10, 20, or 30 years ago and haven't used most of that material in the real world.

Of course... I never want to see myself forgetting such basic shit that easily. I WON'T LET IT HAPPEN. D:

  CableX17  |  0

I have always used proper grammar, literally always. I never even had a first word, I had a first sentance. I simply refused to speak until i knew enough to really talk. I also had better grammar from the first time I spoke than 90% of people on this site have now. So yes, some people are just that smart, thank you very much.

  DareToDream7  |  0

Really #143? Since when is using proper grammar and spelling "street smarts"? That's still academic buddy, sorry to tell you.
And #182, I really do believe that at the age of 2, you thought out what your first words or "sentence" would be because you are THAT smart. I don't deny that you didn't just say one word, you said multiple words (ie 3 words) but the fact that you remember subconcious thoughts ("I waited until I knew enough words to form a sentence) makes me HIGHLY doubt your story. Don't lie, it's not cool. Your story doesn't make you seem smart either, it makes you seem desperate for approval.

  CableX17  |  0

The part about me waiting till I knew enough words was an assumption. I don't remember it in the slightest, but it's a story my mom has told me hundreds of times. I was just standing near some people that were talking and said "Well *actually*..." and procceded to correct something someone had said. That was the first time I ever spoke. When I said I'm "just that smart", it was with a sarcastic tone. Sorry that didn't come across right, but no, I'm not lying:).

By  divineinstrument  |  2

Sorry to hear about your parents separating (even though like a third of parents get divorced) but the voice thing is not a big deal. I was often mistaken for my mum when I was 13. Not everyone's voice has broken by then.

  SimpleSimon  |  0

Yeah, when I was a kid I hated people patronising me because they assumed I was also an idiot. Even into my teens.
"Ooo, you're very well spoken aren't you!"
"Why yes, those 17 years of daily practice really helped."

  chilechick108  |  0

Hey # 9: I started writing at 2 and a half years old. I move up in an honors english language class every year. I am 15 and am at the level of a College Graduate. I spoke like that when I was 5 dipshit. I'm not saying he is one but have you ever heard of child prodigies? Dumbass

  CableX17  |  0

^This, lol. Oh and for another child prodigy you can read my earlier comment on a thread above this:). Haha, I also hit puberty at around 8-9, and have been over 6 foot since I was around 12. Sooo not normal, haha. Guess I'm just special;P.

By  Einstein714  |  0

why didn't u stop the lawyer mid sentence and say you'll get your mom, seperation sucks but most the time it's for the best if they fight all the time. A wise man said "when the bad times out number the good times it's time to call it quits."