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pick it up Brian. PICK UP MY POO!


Aha! I see wha you did there. And I approve.

Ohhh puns... *wipes tear from eye* I remember when you used to be original

Does this remind anyone else of stewie?

lol now that you mention it, I can completely imagine Stewie doing this. xD

Stewie does this in the episode Road to Multi-Verse when Brian and him travel to different dimensions. But instead of using a ziplock bag, when Stewie shits on the ground and tells him to pick it up, Brian says he needs a bag and Stewie says, "Here's a thin napkin." Yes, I've seen this 20 times.

where did boners go haven't seen him comment on stuff

lololol thats a good one.

call da dog whisperer

Lol reminds me if that episode of South Park..

Calling, "DA DOG WHISPERER!" damn, didn't work. It's really fun when little boys get it into their heads that everything in the world around them is something to pee on or into.

everything IS meant to be peed on / into

40 I'm pretty sure OP's kid took a shit..

he couldve pee'd during his shit ^

If I was that kids parents I would be laughing so hard. I would still punish him though.

At least he's preparing himself for life as a douche bag

pick it up Brian. PICK UP MY POO!

4, lol that's hilarious.

my thoughts exactly

Pick up my poop. First thoughts as i read this FML xD

That's what I thought of too lol

Who doesnt like family guy? Hahaha i adore that child. Role model

Your comment made my day

I'm not even mad... I'm impressed.

57 for the win! anchorman FTW.

yeah, I can tell by your t-shirt you're a real winner. Disgusting asshole. -_-

That is fucking epic!

Oh he was making sure she knew who the bitch is at school.

lmao the sad thing is that someone has to actually pick it up xD

I'll have to remember that

and that's how its done