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  bitchslapped22  |  14

Stewie does this in the episode Road to Multi-Verse when Brian and him travel to different dimensions. But instead of using a ziplock bag, when Stewie shits on the ground and tells him to pick it up, Brian says he needs a bag and Stewie says, "Here's a thin napkin." Yes, I've seen this 20 times.

  DaveOnDope  |  4


damn, didn't work.

It's really fun when little boys get it into their heads that everything in the world around them is something to pee on or into.


Today, in a state of extreme boredom, I decided to dress my 6-month-old son in girl's clothes. As he sat in my lap in a frilly dress, and as I was placing a very pink and lacy bow on his head, my mother-in-law unexpectedly walked in. She now thinks I'm mentally unstable and should be in therapy. FML

By ekm86 - / Monday 26 November 2012 16:52 / United States - Portland
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