By Anonymous - / Thursday 19 March 2009 15:51 / United States
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By  Tuxedo_Mask  |  0

you should have dress her little brother up as a girl, using your friends clothes, makeup, perfume, ect. And have arts and craft time with him, in her bedroom. =]

By  Sagacious  |  0

that is really twisted, that just proves she went out of her way to make sure you didn't come and that you couldn't come. I have alot of friends who would probably do the same thing, just don't let it get to ya. What i do is just look for opportunities for sabotage, and when the time is right you can get her back, maybe throw your own party on your birthday or something and invite her lil brother but not her, that would be really funny

By  xsa_fml  |  0

thats well out of order i would would just go back and leave the kid with them and go home! like that other person said...

stand up for your self=]

By  Jaywin  |  3

You should've got her lil bro super drunk and had him stumble on back to his house ranting and raving about how he had such a great time with you.