By toosmall - 23/10/2016 21:27

Today I got a $60 parking ticket for not paying the $2.50 pay-to-park fee. I checked my bank records, which proved that I'd paid the fee, for the correct space too. The problem is the ticket is too small to contest in traffic court. FML
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There should be a phone number that u may complain about the ticket, I'd probably try and call.

Show them the receipt you had for parking if you have it...that usually voids the ticket...


That sucks but at least it wasn't more than $60

$60 is still a lot of money, especially if you don't make very much.

Yeah, as someone working a minimum wage job, saving up for college, saving up for a car, and paying rent, $60 is a significant amount of money that is much needed.

That's a whole day's pay at federal minimum wage levels in the US. Before they whack you with the tax axe.

The point is they paid for a ticket and they still got a fine. Why should they have to fork out an extra 60$ when they were in the right?

There should be a phone number that u may complain about the ticket, I'd probably try and call.

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Yeah, I got out of a ticket before just by contesting it online, simply because the parking meter that I was parked near was broken, and the one next to it too.

Show them the receipt you had for parking if you have it...that usually voids the ticket...

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Go home, tub of ice cream, you'll be right.

Put the money in a block of ice when you pay and make it an absolute pain the ass for them

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I hate when people do stuff like this. Making the clerk's job harder is just a shitty thing to do, and it's not like they're the ones making up these rules. Would you do this to a server at a restaurant if you thought the food sucked or was too expensive? Hopefully not. So why is this a trend with tickets?

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14, people actually often take it out on servers or employees if they didn't like something or had a bad experience, even/especially when it's nothing they did. I've had people complain to me about a 20 cent price raise on drinks - I don't control that and complaining to me is not going to change it. I've had people complain to me about not being able to get them a very large water because it's against company policy and can only get them as high as a large - again, not my fault, nothing I can do, complaining to me won't change it. It's even worse when they complain about the water size when it's free and that's all you ordered.

hellobobismyname 24

#25 - I know. I was a server for 5 years. It's just an example of how ridiculous it really is to take things out on the people who just work in places and who have no control over policies or laws. Some people seem to be more accepting of doing this kind of stuff to clerks who collect for tickets. It's become a trend. There are so many videos of people bringing money in as pennies and just dumping them on the counter and so many people agree with the practice. If someone filmed themselves being an ass to a server, people more than likely would defend the server and call the guy a jerk. That is the difference.

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Years ago when gas prices were incredibly high in the US, upwards of $5-6, I worked at a gas station. I'd get items thrown from cars at me when I was changing the prices. I had one customer yell at me for half an hour about how disgraceful it was that I would be doing this to her. I never understood their train of thought. Do you seriously think if I had ANY control over the freaking prices that I would be a part time cashier at a freaking gas station ?? I had to pay those prices too. But it always got taken out on me.

At least it wasn't tree fiddy.

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There has to be a way to fight the ticket, otherwise what is stopping them from putting $99 tickets (assuming $100 for court) on everyone's car for no reason simply because they can't fight it... it may not be court, no, fees would be more than the ticket, but taking a receipt of your payment with the ticket to the office you would be paying at, or mail a copy of the receipt if you would be mailing the fee... Getting the ticket when you paid, fyl for the trouble, but if you pay it without fighting it at all simply because you cant take them to court then ydi.

Speak your mind, but please try and be respectful.

I have a $40 parking fee from several years ago. They send me a thing in the mail once a year and I toss in into the garbage. It's too small for them to take action against me for so... I ain't paying since technically I wasn't even the driver. It was my brother who borrowed my car because his son was in the hospital. Maybe it's different where you are from though.

Good luck getting your license renewed. Not paying the ticket will bite you eventually.

in my county if you don't pay a $25 parking ticket by the due date they suspend your license and put out a warrant for your arrest. found that out the hard way when a friend of mine borrowed my car, parked illegally downtown, and didn't tell me she got a parking ticket until I got pulled over and almost arrested for driving on a suspended and oh yeah there's a warrant for your arrest to boot. thank god she was riding with me when I got pulled over and explained to the very nice police officer that she was the one who got the ticket and ripped it up not knowing the consequences... all the while I was hyperventilating and screech crying on the ground in the fetal position...

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9, instead of not paying at all, you should have your brother pay it. There are serious consequences for not paying a ticket, even small ones. My uncle has many unpaid tickets and got his license revoked. I think they also took his car, actually. Or they did, at some point. He has too many issues like this to keep up with.

Like I said guys it's been several years and I've renewed my licence many times since, and I asked my brother a few times to pay but that didn't get anywhere so I said lets see what happens. Nothing. Why? Because to warrant my arrest = more than the $40 they want. So they will not pursue it because they will lose money. It's all about the money. And if what you're guys say is true for where you live, that sucks to be you.

Ouch! Sorry OP I can't imagine how mad this would make me! I wouldn't pay it until it got big enough to contest (; all you have to do my gpa Is a lawyer