By twitterfailsme - 04/11/2013 12:08 - Israel - Rishon Le Zion

Today, I googled myself in preparation for my upcoming job interview. Turns out there's a girl on Twitter with my name and age who tweets nonstop about getting wasted and being on probation. She won't make her profile private. FML
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Any employer that's dumb enough to think there's only one person in the world with your name is an employer you don't want to work for anyway.

Black0ut247 5

I'm sure you could explain the situation to employers


Black0ut247 5

I'm sure you could explain the situation to employers

Add your facebook and twitter addresses to your resume maybe

Change ur name on twitter

Changing her name does nothing if they google her name. She's going to have to explain it to them and or put her actual twitter on her resume.

I would shy away from posting my twitter and Facebook information on a resume. Personally, I believe it looks unprofessional.

#43 if OP doesn't put it on the resume, then they will find the other account and they won't hire.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

Maybe she has a picture of her up and they won't think OP is her.

Firstly, good job googling yourself and finding the issue before you went to the interview. You weren't cought by surprise. Flat out tell them. Make. Sure you're the one to bring it up. If they do, all is lost. Everything after that point is an excuse.

Any employer that's dumb enough to think there's only one person in the world with your name is an employer you don't want to work for anyway.

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MattOnFML 13

I think it's trying to communicate with us

rlTlk 13

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rlTlk 13

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bayliebug 14

Really, #69? Because some people's phones put "get" instead of "her." See how 'g' is close to 'h' and 't' is close to 'r'? That's really not something that is hard to figure out. And by the way, people post "it's trying to communicate" all the time when someone makes a mistake. If you're going to keep repeating the phrase, please save it for comments that actually deserve it.

Yes 92, it was hard. I'm glad that you're so smart but that did not occur to me, even a little bit.

#2 unless you have a name along the lines of "Shanquadong denaqaqqq".

I'm the only person who shows up if I Google myself. My Facebook doesn't show up ( I use another name there, and employers don't need to see it! ), and my Twitter doesn't either ( not that I tweet anyway ). There's just a bunch of those stupid profile places that somehow get your city of residence and age, and then they want you to pay a bunch of money to get rid of it from their site. Some of those don't even have the right age, but whatever. I'm fairly certain that I'm the -only- person in the U.S. with my name, even discounting my middle name. It's entirely possible for someone to have a normal name and be the only one.

yscpunkchick 14

Damn #93, who pooped in your soup today? No need to be so bitchy.

skyttlz 32

I've googled myself before and it pretty much just had my G+ and Facebook and whatever else I use. My last name is a little weird and when I look up my last name it only has my relatives. We may be the only ones with the last name.

Grammar nazis... Grammar nazis everywhere...

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How do you blackmail someone who so happily flaunts their vices and shortcomings to the world?

That wouldn't help the situation at all.

Well, you could threaten to tell people she is secretly a good person, pays taxes, and keeps away from drugs. That would do damage to her rep.

Get her right in the street cred.

As long as you don't look like her or have the same email you'll be fine.

Or even the same age I'm sure OP will be fine

"...with my name and AGE..."

xpokeloverx 6

The other girl is the same age as her. Learn to read better

unless you look exactly like her i'm sure you'll be fine

Considering that most potential employers look a bit further than a name, I'd think you are fine. Otherwise, it would suck for all the John Smiths out there.

rlTlk 13

I'm really wondering why John Smith is still a common name.. you'd think the cliche of it would stop parents doing that to their children by now..

CrazyGirlfriend 21

its such a common name because The Doctor always uses it (sorry, I had to haha).

keep tweeting about boring work related stuff on your profile till all her waster friends abandon her

xpokeloverx 6

I doubt OP and the other girl have the same friends, so it won't do anything

it could be a 2 way case of mistaken identities.. dont read into it so much

If OP keeps tweeting about "boring work" wouldn't potential employers see that as a negative, that it's tedious and OP is only feigning interest? Isn't that counterproductive to what OP actually wants to achieve?

Ah the worst kind of identity theft. Well, not really but still sorta unfortunate. Maybe incorporate your middle name into your social network and resume.

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# 8 actually brought up a good point and possible solution to OP's problem. # 98, are you on something? Go away.

rdenkewicz 11

Get a character reference if you are so worried.

graceinsheepwear 33

Can you add your middle initial to your resume to distinguish yourself?

Not everybody has a middle name though

KVKdragon 26

Yeah but you could always adopt a middle initial or officially add a middle initial if you'd like to. Several American presidents did that because they wanted their names to look more dignified/sound more pleasant ;)