By sigh - / Tuesday 29 March 2016 04:57 / United States - North Branford
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By  delichick  |  26

Unless it was a 1st date with the guy, you couldnt have told him, the guy you said youre seeing, it was a gift? And before people start bitching me out, Im awkward too, plus I have major social anxiety.

By  hotpinkcrayola  |  5

Post it to him with a note - it means you don't have the social awkwardness of having to regive the gift, and it's a cute little memory. Just write something like 'Surprise! Since you said you liked it, I thought you might like to read the whole thing'. I mean, who doesn't like receiving unexpected parcels?!

By  yuky19  |  11

I understand how you feel because I'm low on self esteem but if you know that the guy likes you, you should try to make the first move and give the book back to him. Good luck on the relationship!

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