By Anonymous - 23/09/2010 19:02 - Chile

Today, I gave my boss the paperwork to approve my commissions for the month. She wouldn't sign it, saying, "Maybe I'm crazy, but I feel that I've signed this before." She hasn't. I have no commission, and my boss is crazy. FML
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Say " Maybe I'm crazy, but I think this is mine" and take her wallet/purse. You have the same justification and reasoning...

is that legal?


is that legal?

^This. I have a feeling it's not...

Uh... I'd hope not?

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Did you tell her that, OP? You're stupid if you didn't... -_-


Get her fired.

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the monkey with a pink purse? I doubt it

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WTF fail!

Deja vu has no second e. :P

Deja vu also has accents (I know there's one on the E and I think there's one on the A), but my keyboard doesn't allow me to type them. :(

Schizomaniac 24

Déjà vu.

Yes, it does, but I checked up on this before I attempted to correct it (I've seen too many correct variations of spellings lately) and apparently the accents are correct but not necessary, and as finding those keys on my laptop without resetting the webpage is annoyingly difficult, I decided not to attempt it.

YDI for not smacking her across the face and holding her at gunpoint yelling, "Just sign the fucking paper, damnit!!"

I asked it as a question! Thanks for correcting me!

maybe u should kindly talk and If that doesn't work u could kindly bang her husband/sister

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^ Really..? *sigh*

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yes really....

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^ Smart ass? (:

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oh yea big time lol =)

Yeah, first to be moderated.

and first to fail.

how come every profile I've looked at says that the person has tried submitting an fml, but it's never been approved?

cause ppl never post anything worthy. most of the time they just cuss everybody out or something

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Shell02! Stop asking the same dumbass question!!!!!!! Obviously, people are picky and there's so many submitters that many don't pass, for different reasons. There's your answer!

79.. I only PURPOSFULLY asked the question once.. it's not my fault this website is weird. cool your jets, settle your temper.

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So? YDI.

Say " Maybe I'm crazy, but I think this is mine" and take her wallet/purse. You have the same justification and reasoning...

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Kill her.

your picture goes well with your comment hotstuff..

Maybe it's time she retired..

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I bet she loves you, deep deep down

Where's the proof biatch! That's what you should of asked her

"Should have" Couldn't resist. :P

Bet you could, 34. But you shouldn't have.