By midwify - 05/01/2015 17:58 - Denmark - Asaa

Today, I gave birth to our first child at home. What was supposed to be a beautiful moment of us peacefully greeting our newborn, ended up with the cops knocking on our door. Apparently me giving birth sounds like a domestic dispute. FML
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What did u think you would sound like giving birth?

warning your neighbours would have been a much appreciated act. congratulations all the same


Congratulations though!

What did u think you would sound like giving birth?

I actually lol'd at this FML. It's a funny FML cause it's true. No birth sounds pleasant.

My wife sounded like a dying whale..

People don't expect what a birth will sound like. They think "Ok, a bunch of grunts and maybe a scream or two at the end". A birth actually sounds nothing like a dispute, but few people outside of the Middle East can recognize the sound of torture, so that's what they default to.

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Good Question. And what made her think it would be peaceful?

warning your neighbours would have been a much appreciated act. congratulations all the same

Because labor is always predictable

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Pretty sure #3 meant warning the neighbors that they'd be giving birth at home, not warning them about labor.

AFAIK home birthing is pretty common in Denmark, so since the neighbors saw her being pregnant they should have thought about this possibility.

It's quite predictable. Nine months warning actually.

67 shouldn't you be sending some girl dick pics instead of calling someone an idiot on FML?

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You guys never know. She might not get out of the house much so the neighbors didn't see with a full pregnant belly.

Sometimes you just can't help how you sound. Obviously the cops understood, but at least they were just doing their job.

So, did you name the baby Copper?

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If Kanye & Kim can name their daughter North West, anything is possible.

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#31. The list of weirdly named children of celebrities seems to be endless but your choice definitely topped mine. Well done!

If Drake Bell named his baby Taco.. Taco Bell would be proud.

Don't forget Chris Martin's daughter Apple and Blue Ivy

Never mind the noise, congratulations. Enjoy your new family member

You're making it sound like the baby's a tasty snack. "Enjoy!" It's creepy, man.

Mmm... baby flavour. Lamb does taste a lot better than sheep.

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I guess everyone has a little cannibal in them today..

Congrats on your baby :) but I'm sure you could understand how the natural sounds of agony associated with birth might have someone worried lol - it's not like that was your concern at the time. Just funny confusion lol

I think you might have wanted to give your neigbours a heads up ;) Violent screams for hours would probably get you the cops anywhere.

well at least you have more people around to witness and celebrate the birth of your child so good for you, OP:) congrats anw

In fairness, if I were a neighbor and didn't know what was going on I'd have called the cops as well.