By bun593 - 27/02/2010 01:52 - United States

Today, I gave a technical presentation to a group of male colleagues. I was surprised by how attentive they were until I went to the washroom and realized that they could see every detail of my nipples through my new shirt. FML
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Wear a t shirt bra with a shirt next time! There is no excuse for this! YDI


wear a bra... duh


sugarbabyxoxo 2

ewe hopefully there not huge cookie nipples ahah

whats wrong with cookie nipples??

sugarbabyxoxo 2

everything. lmao seriously huge nipples = gross!

We are gonna have agree to disagree! Cause I thibk cookie nipples are cute AND hot!

bettadenne1 0

both are sexi flaunt whatever u got

cookie nipples ftw! I even like hamburger bun nipples.

MellowYelloe 0

Yea, I love cookie nipples.

Nipples are nipples, they all go in the mouth. Some take up a little more space.

Did you not notice when you bought the top? it's something that could have easily been avoided by checking then wearing something else underneath or whatever, but not a YDI.

sugarbabyxoxo 2

y'all are fucked lmao! haha

Seriously, none of you guys agree with sugarbaby?! You're all crazy...

Blue_Coconuts 7

Is sugar baby topless?? And why? o.0

I don't like big nipples....

She used to be known as Sugar Tits! That's cause they're so Sweet!

bebz_fml 0

HAMBURGER BUN NIPPLES!?!? good lord, disturbing images D:

adriiana1019 0

ooh and Im sure didn't see that hole on your pants right between your legs right? YDI for being and idiot.. seriously ever heard of MIRRORS before? look it up Im sure it will prevent you from having incidents like this

@61, she's in a tanning booth thingo

this is like the friends episode where Monica is singing and her shirt is see through. the guys were staring! hahaha

perdix 29

As long as they're not hairy, nipples are fantastic! It looks like sugarbabyxoxo is getting closer to showing us what awesome ones look like. I can't wait until her next profile pic! ;) :P

Horney4her69 0

I think we're going to need a picture on this one.

asianwolf 2

at least you found a way to get the class to pay attention.

mcur 0

I like cookie nipples

so they could see her cookie nipples through her shirt? how about wearing a bra

Cookie nipples are hot

I'm not complaining but why weren't you wearing a bra op. You can afford the shirt I assume you already have one or the money to buy one.

YDIforbeingu 0

you guys dont realize....this is a repost, a few words are changed

I have to agree with 115. No matter what your bra size, you should wear a bra to work. And then check a mirror before you leave the house. BTW, how many details do your nipples have?

RayleighMax 0

I just like normal sized nipples but cookie nipples wouldn't hurt every once in a while =]

mmastermetallica 0

can u present at my school please

jayrock65 0

I'd like to see ur cookie nipples

get some damn clothes on ewewewew!!!!! @sugar baby. ew.

pitbullmom 0

I would especially go with a padded bra-no way those nips are getting out lol

sugarbaby whats up with your pic? haha

mn_mpls 0

ydi for being a skankish whore?

sugarbabyxoxo plz put a shirt on. this is hot a porn website

tweetbaby14 18

you know this amazing new invention came out it's called a bra. have you ever heard of one? would you like for me to show you where to get some?

Wear a bra, look in the mirror before you leave the house. YDI.

Nice! Check that out :3

drk538 0

I agree with sugarbaby cookie nipples are a huge turn off

why can' I find the good jobs like this anymore?

xrod_fml 0

dude she's completaly naked but who cares :P

onceuponapenis 0

maybe she has like A-B cups...bra not needed, the common sense to look in the mirror would help. but then again maybe she did look but it was really cold in the room?

it's called a bra

msyelowbubblegum 0

werent u wearing a friken bra, slut??

why weren't you wearing a bra?

pfft check ur pic.... and nipples are gross.... hmm

subiedude08 17

What's wrong with u

@caittycat95 Ewewewew? Seriously? Grow the fuck up. Yeah, OP deserved it because she didn't wear a bra or check herself before leaving the house. But, assuming the same thing happened to a woman who couldn't give two shits that her nipples were visible, I would hope that the majority of the people present (especially fellow women) would have a more mature reaction... especially considering EVERY human being has nipples and guys' nipples easily become visible if the temperature proves low enough.

Wear a t shirt bra with a shirt next time! There is no excuse for this! YDI

Mynx 0

Seriously. There's no other way this would've happened other than you being bra-less. Which of course, to people with common sense, would be totally unprofessional. So yes, you absolutely deserved it.

bras are primarily meant for comfort anyway, you'd be a bit stupid to not wear one. unless you're flat trying to show off to someone OP?

"Bras are primarily meant for comfort anyway"? WHAT!? Ha, no. Just no. And being flat-chested doesn't negate the need for one, since even the smallest boobs still have nipples that would show and cause such a situation as this FML.

so what, bras are JUST to stop the nipple from being shown? doesn't sound like what they had in mind when designing it to hold the breasts in place....but I could be wrong, I'm looking through the glass here :)

Yeah, they are. Hence bras without wires or firm cups (which make up about half of bras out there). SOME have the added benefit, for large breasts or saggy breasts, of support.

Yeah, they are. That's why about half the bras out there don't have an underwire or a firm cup. SOME bras have the added benefit of support for large or saggy breasts.


bras are ment to keep girls breasts from sagging a good eg of a girl having saggy boobs is yr granny, she's a dinomo in the sack tho

omg ur such an asshole bras are for keeping your chest up so your tits dont sag down

Bras are meant for.....comfort?!....are you mad?! No dear those are meant for support.

rldostie 19

If you're flat chested enough you don't need a bra. Plenty of women don't wear them if they don't have to. why? Because they're freaking uncomfortable. if you have no boobs to sag, why wear a bra? The OP is either flat chested OR has fake boobs. Women with fake boobs rarely wear bras since they paid for a product that doesn't sag.

it did the job anyways so why complain?

bNMitchell 0

hunny look in the mirror nxt time . I mean at least you got there attention which is great . yeah mayb so got a hard on but b proud of that :)

so am I still wrong? :P

because bras are NOT comfortable. if it was all about comfort, we wouldn't wear one lol

um, yeah, bras are kind of meant for comfort. because if your boobs are larger than an A cup, it is kind of uncomfortable to have them swishing and bouncing around all damn day.

Thats what I was going at!

It's true. I love wearing a bra, because it's so much more comfortable than having my boobs swinging everywhere. Have you ever ran down the stairs braless!? It hurts like crazy...

blueeyes24 0

Even fake tits will eventually sag if you don't wear a bra... there is a muscle that weakens that makes them sag. And OP doesn't anyone who is doing a presentation do a check in the mirror before they leave... considering you were at work maybe you had a suit jacket on and then took it off but if not the ydi

Erniesduck123 0

I would have to disagree, I am a 32A, and wear bras, not because they support anything, in fact, the smallest bras have a gap at the top, but because they are comfortable and prevent me from nipping out in tight shirts. I wear a bra to bed because they are so soft and comfortable, if your bra is uncomfortable it must be the wrong size. Get fitted.

agreed 144. I actually prefer to wear a bra

pitbullmom 0

I agree, and if you find the right style and size of bra-then it actually be comfortable especially if you're big breasted

If one has a smaller cup size, not wearing bras may have nothing to do with support, but like this FML stated, they MIGHT just require one if it's cold enough. I pretty much always wear a bra, but that's because I'm not exactly an A.

YDI for calling the bathroom the washroom

Jiraiya72 0

wrong, they are meant for comfort due to having a bigger sized chest weighing you down and going everywhere UNCOMFORTABLY

@suppressed08 (and basically anyone in this bra argument) The comfort of a bra is an opinion. Some women think bras are so comforting/comfortable that they sleep in them. Others, such as myself, prefer to go braless as much as possible. But, considering social boundaries, if one prefers or will benefit most from being modest, a bra in most social settings would be a good choice.

yea i like, look in the mirror between putting on a new piece of clothing and walking out the door.

was it cold and nipply in that room ?

Was it cold? I think they planned it :P

At least they are paying attention

Not really. In a study, they had a bunch of guys watch two news segments. The first one had a male anchor. After it, they could sum up basically everything the guy said. The second had a female anchor. They (as a whole) couldn't really come up with recollection of what she said. At all. So no, no silver lining there. :D

That's amusing #9..... There really isn't much to us, is there? No depth, we see changes everything. Take a simple news segment with a hot little woman, and it had different effects - what a funny concept

Except now she knows not to wear that shirt without a bra again.

Haha. It's subconscious, I'm sure. I know guys aren't trying to perpetuate the stereotype or anything. It's just part of their make-up basically.

I think it's an evolutionary factor, at least one of the genders had to end up sex-crazy or we wouldn't have survived.

men just stare :P............try going swimming with my friends *rolls eyes* a medical dwarf with raging hormones is hilarious to watch when he's staring around.

Take it as a compliment, it means they find you attractive.

Hey, I don't know where women get the rep of being uninterested in sex. I actually know MORE sex-crazed women who are horny all the time than I do men. I know quite a few men who turn it down more than they accept it when a horny girl is all over them. Although I do fit into that stereotype, because I'm hard to turn on, I have to wonder how true that is. >_>

seen the recent pink pather 2? getting lectured on proper etiquette, and starts talking about a sexy woman dropping her pencil. cleasau (or however it's spelt): "I like you *grinning*, I likes you alot!"

haha ur talking about pink panther 2

boy, I wish I was there!

I need pics!!! lol

guys will be guys. lol

bihero 0

i wish i was there

Don't all the guys here wish that.