By pyroman1127 - 16/05/2011 19:34 - United States

Today, I gave a girl answers to a test. She said she would give me something pleasurable in return. She gave me a Twinkie, saying, "I know how much fat people love twinkies." FML
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That's when you say, Bitch fat people also love BJs


Yes, she's wrong! My fatass would've wanted a cupcake. >_> FAT PEOPLE WANT CUPCAKES DAMMIT!

anyone seen zombieland ? ahahahha

lmao thats great. thats what you get for being gullible and a pervert. not to mention karma for helping someone cheat. =p ydi

hahahaha first comment made me laughhhh out loud. you should have asked what it was

YDI for allowing her to cheat.

 What a fucking bitch!!!

84, I don't understand your comment.

twinkles are delicious! and I'm not fat!

97- I can see ur pic saying tht

How is this a FML? You got a Twinkie

that is realy fucked up. is that the kind of thanks you get for being nice and helping someone?

97 - From where I'm from, I've never seen or eaten a Twinkie. But I obviously knew it was a food. -__- Gosh, are you stupid?

your a fucking dick holding ass wipe... the op didnt deserve this treatment... i mean he completely saved this babes ass, the least she could do was give head u fucking retard... go jump off a cliff and NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER GO ON THIS SITE EVER AGAIN... fag

lol its fun doing that shit to people lmfao

Id get an erection ;)

154 Read the comment first, jump to conclusions later.

well she has a point.

twinkies = Yumm so stop complaining that's what you get for cheating at least you didn't get caught

154, ur right u do have a bad case of 24/7 pms

Yes, twinkies are gross.

well I am pretty damn fat and don't like twinkies or any junk food really. I'm only fat because I don't exercise. I eat fairly healthy. oh yeah, fast food isn't to great either. and so I close with this: you are a prick.

154, I was referring to 84's comment. gosh, are you stupid?

^ you fail x 2 1. For not knowing what #97 is really talking about and calling names. 2. For never even seen a Twinkie.

hahaahhahahaha. sucks to be a pervert.

OP, next time they ask, give them the wrong answers. And then ask for another Twinkie.

What's an *itch? or if you spelt wrong and meant to say itch then you shouldn't tell us about your *itchings.

I agree fat people LOVE cupcakes!

im not fat and I like twinkles : /

Well that's what you get for thinking

not thinking * ;) and for cheating

OP should've taken his penis out and say, "I know how much skinny people love stick figures."

At first I thought twinkie was dirty, then I thought about it and well laughed a bit...

She might have meant it not to eat, but for some anal pleasures.

What exactly did you expect to get, you seriously sound like you're in elementary school.... or you're a teacher there (pedo-alert).

I guess you can you say you felt... "cheated" Sincerely, Your useless superhero Bad Pun Man.

I love your comments :>

bad pun man, you are a better superhero than batman

Ikr! it's like, the only cool thing about batman is his car. xD

*puts on sunglasses* YEEEEAAAAAAH

That's when you say, Bitch fat people also love BJs

Yes 'noms twinkie'. Don't you know what eating sounds like?

I agree with creepy blue thing...

twi'leks aren't creepy.

yeah Ben and Jerry

yeah Ben and Jerry

^ ROLF LMAFO, u SIR, just made my day

I know! I love BJs, you can buy everything in bulk there.

OMG my day is also made and it's only 5 in the morning I hope your very proud! lol

Or you say thanks for the cream filling, let me give you some of my own.

You can buy Twinkies in bulk at BJ's!!!

You got played hard fat boy. Next time ask to pay up front.

that's the smart way to do it

When she comes back for the next test, say,"Pleasure first, then...maybe answers." And then make her pleasure you three or four times before you give her anything.

Hell yeah in class...she just drop her contacts....

I swear I saw this a few months ago... Hmmm.....

tryout for the football team then see what she says then call her a bitch

where you high as fuck when you wrote this?

nah my 14 year old sister got a hold of my phone I didn't notice the comment till right now when I read this fml

and that's when you say "then suck on my twinkie! the cream will come out for you soon enough." :F

That made my day

ohbaby :D someone has been studying cx

should've given her wrong answers like "that was a test.. you failed.. *noms twinkie* :-)"