By andimanastudent - United States
Today, I freaked out when the remote wouldn't unlock my car. I stood in the rain trying to open the door. Unsure of what to do next, I called my boyfriend. He told me to "put the key in the door". I had forgotten about that option. FML
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At #32: Why "hopefully OP is a woman, because they have a boyfriend"??? Are you a homophobe??! Wake up and realize this is not a time when bigotry and judgement are appreciated. It would make NO difference whatsoever if OP was a man. A relationship is a relationship, people are people and love is love. Please grow up.

  gutzz  |  0

75- I think you made that into a little more than it was, or should be. It was a little harsh for a comment like that. There was no direct attack, and I don't think they meant it in a way to judge other people's lifestyles.

  dre_bro11  |  12

FML should have an introduction page or something with everything to know about the site for people like 27. 'Finding the gender sign' 'reading the gender sign' 'what does OP mean'

  ur2nvthis85  |  3

In OP's defense my car's alarm will go off
if I don't use the remote to unlock it and the car won't start but since the problem was solved her's isn't like that I assume

  kwchambers92  |  10

good god can people be anymore stupid? new age technology and this trash society is destroying it, and I hope it's not a guy calling his boyfriend, all you fruit baskets need an island of your own to ruin instead of our society

  avatar0810  |  15

this is what people do with advanced technology they get used to having it really easy and don't bother to learn what would now be called the old fashioned way of doing things.

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technically, 78, you get 0mpg. since you power your skateboard with foot power, and you don't drink gasoline (unless you're some cyborg from the future), you don't qualify for a mpg rating. thank you, and have a nice day.

  Soloman212  |  28

Money doesn't need a mouth to be "saying" something. And it most definitely doesn't need to be alive. a mouthless, inorganic rock, for example, that had "Cheese Puffs" on it could be said to be saying "Cheese Puffs".

  diabian  |  9

seriously i couldnt care less about getting a language that isn't mine right... I speak five lanuages and have been to 16 countries... anf I have an assistant to edit my work for me who gets paid to do that... so am happy for not having to care about such shit.. unlike life-less people like you who can't wait to jump on spellings and grammers.. whata life lol


They don't always work though. While
I have a key that does unlock my door, I can't ever use it because it sets off the alarm. I found that out the hard way when my key fob battery died.