By andimanastudent - 13/04/2011 21:44 - United States

Today, I freaked out when the remote wouldn't unlock my car. I stood in the rain trying to open the door. Unsure of what to do next, I called my boyfriend. He told me to "put the key in the door". I had forgotten about that option. FML
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SGal25 5

wow duh! brain fart??

dear god. holy shit, what to do without keyless entry!!!! OMG


SGal25 5

wow duh! brain fart??

Fucking Blonde women. Who gave her a license? I want him fired.

chris71sk8r 8

More like a brain shart instead.

lol what a dumbass

raeraymusic1 0

who said OP was a woman?

burninnapalm 5

OP said Op is a women... *points to the gender* so please get the facts before you go on your next equal rights high horse

well hopefully it's a woman because op says 'then I called my boyfriend'..

MrGold 0

31 wins. It only says on top right corner. Can't read symbols?

32 - Men also date other men. But op is indeed a female.

See what happens when you leave the kitchen? Kidding, still funny.

At #32: Why "hopefully OP is a woman, because they have a boyfriend"??? Are you a homophobe??! Wake up and realize this is not a time when bigotry and judgement are appreciated. It would make NO difference whatsoever if OP was a man. A relationship is a relationship, people are people and love is love. Please grow up.

gutzz 0

75- I think you made that into a little more than it was, or should be. It was a little harsh for a comment like that. There was no direct attack, and I don't think they meant it in a way to judge other people's lifestyles.

Well, I came into this incredibly stupid FML expecting incredibly stupid comments. You never fail to exceed my expectations, FMLers

Okay #79, that was out of line. At #32: whatever you meant by that, I had no right to go off like that and I apologize. I'm just having a bad night.

since when 64? i was never advised? what about goats? because there is this goat down the road and...umm... so op how did it work out for goats-i mean you

and this is why modern technology can be bad for you. you reply on it and stop thinking on your own

god people chill out I wasn't serious.. why do people take everything so seriously on here??

FML should have an introduction page or something with everything to know about the site for people like 27. 'Finding the gender sign' 'reading the gender sign' 'what does OP mean'

xdannyx117x 0

haha shes a blonde

niiick97_fml 3

I love how comments go from "brain fart" to arguments about gay people in love.

ur2nvthis85 3

In OP's defense my car's alarm will go off if I don't use the remote to unlock it and the car won't start but since the problem was solved her's isn't like that I assume

kwchambers92 10

good god can people be anymore stupid? new age technology and this trash society is destroying it, and I hope it's not a guy calling his boyfriend, all you fruit baskets need an island of your own to ruin instead of our society

im sorry i dont quite understand how they ruin our society? give me one example of something a homosexual has done to harm you in any way

AwesomeAsFcuk 0

I raped a car once because it wouldn't open for me.

I respect peoples choices and I agree with you. but the truth is, ppl still hate it. just like racism. no matter what the rights/rules say

agsilver 14


agsilver 14

-94 That was to 94, by the way.

dear god. holy shit, what to do without keyless entry!!!! OMG

Technology is making people stupid.

MrGold 0

I agree, and lazy as well.

this is why women shouldn't drive.

kaoss54 3

^^^ WIN

or she could've always changed the key's battery?

28 not only stupid..... incredibly brain dead people

28 not only stupid..... incredibly brain dead people

I'll speak for your boyfriend..."FML...oh wait I deserve it for having a meathead girlfriend" hehe :)

you never know, maybe she puts his meat in her head. not a bad compromise in my opinion. lol.

ElGranOrgo 0


SteelCladAngel 0

yea, I think the word 'dumbass' might have a picture of op next to it in the dictionary.

SteelCladAngel 0


MrGold 0


ImaWiseGuy 5

haha something tells me you just got done smoking the dopest dope you've ever smoked prior to forgetting that keys unlock shit....

avatar0810 15

this is what people do with advanced technology they get used to having it really easy and don't bother to learn what would now be called the old fashioned way of doing things.

Monstee 2

Women drivers...

whoisthisgirl 4

I hope this happens to my friends. she has no key, it's a keyless car. hahaha. hilarious.

Isn't is ironic how her name is: And I'm an A student

221: Not really, everyone knows smart people don't have common sense. xD

SteelCladAngel 0


YourEvilHero 12

you shouldn't have nice things if you don't get on your knees for your boyfriend anyways

I love how purely random that was lol

TrueStory22 0

Considering how "smart" she seems, that's probably why he keeps her around and puts up with this kind of nonsense.

haha I just thought this comment was kinda on the weird side so I said wtf! lol..

noobgang7 5

Next time they have sex he will stick it in her ass because he forgot he has another option... Only then will you realize you are retarded

HowDidIGetHere 0

Haha you got used to the luxury of a car remote (whatever the hell it's called.)

HowDidIGetHere 0

thank you kind sir. you see, I drive a skateboard so I'm not familiar with cars.

You "drive" a skateboard? How many miles (or kilometers) does that get to the gallon?

ImaWiseGuy 5

hahaha 69 you should chalk this one up as a win my friend......

HowDidIGetHere 0

69, more than your shit does.

You got me there. My shit's kinda stuck in a toilet.

technically, 78, you get 0mpg. since you power your skateboard with foot power, and you don't drink gasoline (unless you're some cyborg from the future), you don't qualify for a mpg rating. thank you, and have a nice day.

he drives that skateboard flintstone style!

of course it's a woman

Maybe you paniced alot, so you forgot. People just don't understand

.... sure let's go with panicked. or blonde. either or!

Really panicked ? You're going with panicked ?

So to you other kids all across the land There's no need to argue Parents just don't understand

The Most Pathetic Excuse EEVVEEERRRR!!!!!

chris71sk8r 8

5 bucks says OP is blonde.

Money doesn't have a mouth and isn't alive, so it can't talk and therefore can't say that OP is blonde.

ImaWiseGuy 5

haha ^^ he's on a tear people, keep em coming man..... this combination between your comments and this sac of bud is making my night......

deeters 0

I hate people who get all technical

people who are technical are robots. I love robots.

chris71sk8r 8

72- You obviously don't know about the future huh? Well, the faces on my money talk, I don't know where you're coming from man.

Money doesn't need a mouth to be "saying" something. And it most definitely doesn't need to be alive. a mouthless, inorganic rock, for example, that had "Cheese Puffs" on it could be said to be saying "Cheese Puffs".

72- actually money does have a mouth ... it might not say anything to u but theres a mouth on every one of those dead presidents;-))

$100 says 72 is blonde.

$100? My blondness is worth that much to you? Too bad I'm a beautiful brunette so you can Paypal me that money.

Once the money is talking to you, you're no longer concerned with whether it should be talking to begin with or not I see.

Acute observation 213, although the money wasn't talking to me, it was talking about me. And slandering my good hair's reputation.

if ur blonde, thn tht explains it..

kingtz 6

I wouldn't make fun of blondes if I were you. Your spelling is worse than most blondes I've seen.

i aint no white... English is my 5th language... so I couldn't care less you bonehead.

MrGold 0

Bad English is his first leave him alone.

All white people speak English as their first language, and blondes must be dumb? I think you have other issues.

HowDidIGetHere 0

68, I'm part mexican and English was my first language. stop being a stereotypical asshole

HowDidIGetHere 0

68, sorry that comment was directed at 58 typo

wow people u don't have to be white to have English as your first language... I'm white but English is my third language.

totally.. punk..

seriously i couldnt care less about getting a language that isn't mine right... I speak five lanuages and have been to 16 countries... anf I have an assistant to edit my work for me who gets paid to do that... so am happy for not having to care about such shit.. unlike life-less people like you who can't wait to jump on spellings and grammers.. whata life lol

oh AND I have 3 cars that don't need keys to press or entered in order to unlock... go figure...

I'm a multi-billionaire who owns five countries and I speak six languages. I also have perfect grammar in each language I speak.

Wow,I hate you.

well some cars are keyless

Even if it has keyless igntion, there is usually an actual key for the door locks hidden in the fob.

ReynshineCutting 10

They don't always work though. While I have a key that does unlock my door, I can't ever use it because it sets off the alarm. I found that out the hard way when my key fob battery died.

128 i sooo love your pic:-))) and i had a spare key that did that once and it wouldnt start it bc i had it made somewhere other than the dealer.