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You know how they have like Christmas tree scented spray for Christmas? Maybe he's just using the Easter egg one, no reason to get upset over a little holiday spirit!


This calls for extremely drastic measures. 1. Water gun. 2. Soap. 3. Combine 1 and 2. 4. Spray.


Some people just get worse foot odor than others.It could also be from a hard day of manual labor with a pair of heavy boots on.


Reminds me of a book I had as a kid about a monster called Stop-It-I-Will-Not-Wash-My-Face. If this is wrong, does anyone know the real name?

Has your boyfriend ever heard of a shower before? Better get him in there quick or the smell will quickly become that of a dead corpse.


Make sure he goes in dressed, and throw his shoes in with him or he will stink just as badly when he gets out.

By  KM96

That is totally disgusting! How come this is the first time you've noticed it? Good luck with dealing with that!

A room mate who takes a shower every once in 3 months, a girl friend with corrosive breath, and now this.. Will this ever end?

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