By latenightbite - 16/03/2010 23:17 - United States

Today, I found out why my roommate and best friend comes home late three nights a week. She goes to get drunk with some guy, then goes back to his house to hook up. Who is this guy? The guy I've been dating for three years. FML
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I think the OP meant ex-roomate, ex-best friend, and ex-boyfriend. If I'm wrong, then she can only blame herself.

FYLDeep 25

Didn't your roomate know he was your boyfriend? That would be fucking cold of her.


zac12345 0

how did you not realize this?

exactly, how stupid is your boyfriend aswell? they must off been sly..

um... pics or it's fake? ydi for having a slutty roomate and a whore of a boyfriend? still seems fake to me.

aznpersuasion863 0

#1 is right. How could you not see this coming?

Cynical_AbInitio 0

Awww it's not her fault. She didn't know that guy that she was getting nailed by every other day was your boyfriend! She even told you about all the positions in detail. Now him on the other, gotta hand it to him. He had you going AND he had your bestie on the side. Can I hear a standing ovation?

YDI for being so clueless for 3 yrs

__ShAd0w__ 0

ydi for having the name latenightbite

she said bestfriend at first.... FAKE!!!

42 that means her best friend is her roomate.

Damn some "best friend" she is and for your boyfriend dump em

The first knowledgeable person i've found on here. Serious bro-cred to OP's ex. OP YDI, 'cause apparently you spend TONS of time with your "best friend" and "boyfriend", and they still got away with this.

ElegantSadist 0

castrate your bf

amazinggbaby 2

She does not deserve it. It could have only been happening for a few weeks because it says she was dating him for 3 years not that her bestfriend and him have been doing it for that long. People can get away with this kind of stuff by being sneaky, she doesn't deserve to get cheated on

skull_candy 0

thats what i thought

CrazeDblaze 0

what a typical thing to do

typical?! what whores do you hang out with?

girrrrrl youse got ta ditch that zero and get you a hero, girl!!

wow I'm sorry OP. FYL.

dump him , better yet take a dump on him , fyl .

omg that sucks!!!

To hell with Snickerdoodles!

956TXking 0

someone has some splaining to do lol

popatia 0

Your hot.

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FYLDeep 25

Didn't your roomate know he was your boyfriend? That would be fucking cold of her.

Triscuits 0

Yeah, what a bitch!

she was getting drunk everytime but yeah she should have known her best friends boyfriends name and face. wonder how the op finally figured it out.

zac12345 0


hey!! long time no see.. Initially I thought sucks for OP, but now I am thinking, how stupid can people be?