By Unlovedchild - 21/03/2011 15:03

Today, I found out why my parents forgot my birthday. Facebook didn't remind them. FML
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Damn Facebook :( Seriously, how hard is it to remember the day your own child was born?? Unless you have like 14 siblings, but even then.. You have lame parents OP, FYL.

could be worse, at least they added you.


aww that sucks :( facebook reminded my parents last week :P

Yeah I don't understand how a parent could forget their child's birthday, it's not like it changes very often!

that so sad! sorry op.. :(

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facebbok reminded mine yesterday:D

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Wow, that really sucks! Happy birthday though!(:

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I agree 6. OPs parents are probably drug addicts or alcoholics because who the he'll in their right mind forgets thirty kid's bday? Happy birthday though

Facebook reminded me it was my birthday yesterday ! Yea! I can't remember without it! :D

change your birthday on Facebook every couple of months. if Facebook says it then it must be true.

well wat if ur birthdays on a leap year so it's. like feb. 30 or something

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39 isn't leap year February 29th, cause my mom is born on the 29th. Lol she is technically 11 years old.

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I think Facebook is kind of stupid... I'm glad we don't have Internet anymore because all my mom did was play FarmVille! It got annoying...

could be worse, at least they added you.

I blocked my parents

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my parents are too technologically challenge to have facebook.

omg WTF are you doing your profile pic is disgusting holy hell what is wrong with you

Damn Facebook :( Seriously, how hard is it to remember the day your own child was born?? Unless you have like 14 siblings, but even then.. You have lame parents OP, FYL.

You deserve SOB

your picture it's so scary

4 need's a new face

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Oh 4, that's sexy.

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that face....such a turn on!

well then u should have had your birthday set on the right day of facebook shouldnt u?

Here is an idea instead if having Facebook remind them. You should remind them.

You shouldn't have to remind your own parents of your birthday.

they don't love him my parents remember my bday without the help of fb

that's why I deleted my consumes peoples lives...smh. Remember the days when you actually got a **GASP** (do I DARE say?) PHONE CALL or BIRTHDAY CARD in the mail wishing you a "Happy Birthday?" Now, we're judged wether or not we're fast enough to write "Happy Birthday" on someone's wall. Point.

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I couldn't agree anymore. I'd actually be pissed if it took Facebook to remind my parents of my birthday.

facebook keeps you updated tho, like brithdays, events and stuff .

So does a calendar, smart one.

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we all deserve it for being on facebook too much. try to spend time doing other things

how is this a YDI? OP shouldn't have to remind their parents... this is a FYL because that's pathetic..

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ya it is, but if we a's a society (not a's an individual) would stop spending so much time on fb, ppl wouldn't rely on it. obviously, her parents are retards, and it is a FYL.

Facebook is the blame for everything these days!

that's nothing try being pregnant with your fiancé out of state doing training for the army an not having anybody remember till the next day when I told them...

what does that have to do with this?

what does it not have to do with it?

it can be worse that's what this has to do with it Brittany