By Anonymous - 15/07/2013 06:15 - United States - Louisville

Today, I found out why my girlfriend has lost interest in our relationship. She's found out she likes drinking. A lot. FML
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aruam365 24

Hopefully she'll realize soon that she has a problem and seek help, ideally with you by her side.

perdix 29

You could be noble and take her to AA meetings and support her through the 12 steps. Or, you could be smart and dump that sloppy drunk.


Get thee to Alanon or get thee gone!

Damian95 16

I don't know what the Heck #1 just said but all I know is that its best to stay out of a relationship with people that have drinking problems. You can only go downhill. I've seen a whole family torn apart by one asshole.

friedpwnadge 25

Roughy translating the ye old Internet lexicon used, they mean "get rehab or get gone".

Damn straight she needs to wake up and smell the coffee. (Or alcohol in her case). Alcohol abuse is one thing that just wrecks everyone around them, i know from being on the receiving end of not one but 2 family members with drink issues. Help her and support her, get her into rehabilitation. She has one chance to sort her life out and get better. You need to be firm and straight with alcoholics. Good luck!

Can anyone tell me what #1 said?

Allornone 35

Alanon is a support group for people who are close to an alcoholic (relative, spouse, friend, etc.).1s comment was essentially- get support or leave the relationship

bfsd42 20

People, alanon is just an abbreviation for Alcoholics Anonymous. It's just another way of saying AA.

54- alanon is actually a little different than Alcoholics Anonymous. It's for people who are are close with someone who is an alcoholic, not an alcoholic themselves.

Alcoholics are not all "assholes." Most of them are extraordinary people with a self-destructive problem. I was that girl once. Maybe OP can help her just as my husband and subsequent daughter helped me.

Well if she doesn't realize that she's losing you then she's not worth it

Well I don't want to be one of those people OP but it sounds like your better off unless you want to try to help her quit. In any case good luck.

life_sucks225 13

I don't see why #3 got thumbs down, drinking is a problem that some people don't realise and if she's a heavy drinker then she should go to rehab.

I'm assuming shes fairly young and hasn't found herself yet?

I didn't know only young people had issues with alcohol

Thats probably what most people around Paul Gascoigne thought, look at him now. Drink controls his life.

If that's the case, I'll have to inform my deadbeat alcoholic uncle that he doesn't have a problem afterall.

I think the clue was that she just found out that she likes alcohol... And my ex did the exact same thing. Found alcohol and all the drunk guys that go along with it.

I lost someone to alcohol. Thanks for all the positive votes :/

I'll probably get thumbed down for this, but #5, you shouldn't get so upset that you've been thumbed down. I'm very sorry that you've lost someone to drinking, I know how that feels, my father died from drinking when I was 13; but that is no excuse for you to be thumbed up. Pity is not an excuse to get whatever you want.

aruam365 24

Hopefully she'll realize soon that she has a problem and seek help, ideally with you by her side.

aruam365 24

39- Re-read my comment. I said hopefully she'll realize she has a problem and seek help, nothing I said implied that anyone should try to force her to.

ThatGuyWhoTalks 10

The problem could be drinking cum, not alcohol

Take patrick's advice - ditch her now before it's too late. You deserve better. :)

Hey pal, you just blow in from stupid town?

Get her some help, then. >_>

TrollingStalker 16

If she cares about drinking more than you then I'd say she's probably not worth it.

Well, if it's becoming an addiction then it's out of her control. He should also consider getting her some help.

itsnotyourfault 9

Sorry to hear that... She isn't the right girl for a healthy relationship, but maybe you can try to have a serious talk with her if its not to late

You just need to get her to see what bad it can cause. Otherwise go get wasted with her! Bonding time.