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identity theft is a bitch.

OP just accidentally miswrote his/her address as "Indonesia" instead of "UK."


identity theft is a bitch.

happened to me, it's the worst thing ever.

worse than being robbed

Worse than 9/11?

You better beat the shit outta Sandy Biggelow Patterson- thought she was in jail!

#52 No, remember? its Dawn Budgie!

Happened to me too. Tried to withdraw £5000 when i had 10p in my account lol

They need to come up with better ways to prevent identity theft , it happens too much.

Fuck identity theft, out of all things to be victimized of, that's the worse. You pretty much lose everything.

I fail to see how freedom enters into this situation.

Did someone steal your info and use that to buy a car with? Did you (accidentally) buy a car online/over the phone? More info please.

OP just accidentally miswrote his/her address as "Indonesia" instead of "UK."

No, OP just sent his servant with a ridiculous amount of money to Indonesia to buy the car for him. What he calls unusually low amount is actually about $1000000.

those ignorant comments...

Identity theft happens to the best of us...hope you get your money back.,.and maybe the car also if it's worth it...

Get your debit card cancelled, then get a new one. If the issue was not the card being stolen, find out if the car company will refund you.

Congrats on your new car! If only you knew what it was.

Well perhaps you shouldn't have bought a car there then

He didn't dumbass

I lost a few brain cells reading your comment Just go away You have no business here

@36, I'm glad it isn't just me who gets frustrated with so many FML members' inability to identify jokes. Downvoting people for absolutely no reason.

Those fucking Indonesians! Always asking for cars over email and being princesses and shit

Wtf im indonesian u fuckin racist Just cuz some people did stupid thing then u can judge us like that

The good news is you won't need a taxi when you arrive, Djakarta's already there! Bon voyage, Java nice trip!

Lesson for the day: Nazi puns: Popular Indonesia puns: Too obscure.

Hah! I bet you did Nazi tha- *gets beaten to death by the overused pun hit squad*

#33, you had the Timor-ity to make such a pun! You'll regret the day your were Borneo.

Perdix is a master of all puns.

I was going to take a Krakatoa at telling an Indonesian pun but my Papua told me not to.

Identity theft is not a joke, Jim! Millions of families suffer every year!

Don't suffer like Jim has... For only a dollar a day, you can protect your identity...

For only an apple a too can keep the doctor away. Stop being harassed by annoying health professionals. Try Granny Smith today.

MICHAEL... oh very funny, MICHAEL!